Your could have simplified your counterpoint by stating “I subscribe to RadFem terrorism against Transgender women.”

Regardless of how elaborate your justification, that’s the core of your missive.

You can be Trans-supportive without being Anti-Lesbian and vice versa- but these “Feminists” and I use the term loosely, as they’re a blemish on the feminist society, embrace all women without the hysterics of calling them names, claiming they’ve waged a war on them, and taking their hate on tour- which has been uniformly rejected by many establishments around the UK, including social media outlets.

The citations, articles, and research speaks for itself. Radfems, the self appointed gatekeepers of femininity and womanhood, are the ones being rebuffed by the masses, and I’m satisfied with that. So are my lesbian friends who have made it clear that this hate group does not represent their interests.

But thanks for making your stance clear.

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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