Why Democrats Should Heed the Warnings of Nancy Pelosi

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“He’s goading us to impeach him,” She warned.

She’s right. In fact, Nancy Pelosi has been involved in a world dominated by outrageous male ego long enough to know the tricks they keep up their cuff linked sleeves.

In a time that was even close to normal, where co-equal branches of government were interested in service to the people rather than themselves, impeachment would be a reasonable consequence. Sadly, that’s not where we are. Not even remotely. Were so far adrift that the island of normalcy is no longer in sight when it comes to the vast expanse and deeply chaotic seas of politics.

Donald Trump has built his wall. Indeed, an impenetrable one around himself that is composed of controversial Supreme Court Judges he appointed, Republican Senators that he campaigned aggressively to seat so they might obstruct any pursuit of accountability. His radicalized base would riot, further widening the chasm that is dividing America.

One of Trump’s greatest protectors, or, one of the bricks in his wall, is Mitch McConnell, who dubbed himself “The Grim Reaper” and vowed to kill any legislation from Democrats that found its way to the Senate floor, especially if it involved investigating the President.

The American Senate itself is populated by majority republicans; People like Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows and Lindsey Graham who love to make a spectacle of themselves any time they believe the president might be watching as if they’re auditioning for his favor. They have set aside the concepts of rule and law and supplemented this with a morally bankrupt urgency to preserve Trump’s power.

Impeachment would never be approved by Republican Senators. It could be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court if Democrats chose to take that route, but the robed figures behind the Nations highest bench are now, like our Senate, majority conservatives, some who owe Trump for the privilege of being there. They aren’t about to turn on him now.

The Attorney General, William Barr, wrote a 19 page letter to Donald Trump prior to his appointment, assuring the President that he could not and would not be indicted for criminal activity if he were given the job. Of course, he got the job. Now he acts as the President’s personal attorney, not one who enforces the constitutional law. Just another brick in the wall.

Nancy Pelosi knows this. She maintains a keen awareness that Donald Trump has masterfully manipulated and populated the most powerful branches of law, order and oversight. He has methodically placed so many obstacles between himself and accountability that he is now virtually untouchable. He flaunts it a cavalier attitude knowing that he is beyond reproach. They’ll block subpoenas, assert executive privilege, refuse to allow access to things like his tax returns or medical records. The Republican party, now the party of Trump acolytes, hold the most power in Washington and they’re flexing every muscle they have to demonstrate their willful treading upon the constitution and the rule of law, all for Trump. They are complicit in burying any evidence that might implicate Donald Trump in a crime. They act not in service to the American people, but in subservience to a dictator.

Nancy pelosi understands that Trump’s greatest weapon, however, is his stronghold on a cult-like, red hat wearing sect of Americans who are responsible for an unprecedented spike in hate crimes and extremism. Trump has postured himself as a God-like figure, a savior to the straight, white, cisgender Americans who resent having ever been asked to play on an even field with those they deem as possessing lesser human value… people of color, LGBT people, non-christians.

For Donald, the movement to impeach would be a gift. It would ultimately solidify the beliefs of his radicalized base- Those who perceive him as a shepherd to their flock would view an effort to impeach him similarly to a modern day crucifixion. After all, he has spent 3 years manipulating them into believing he is a victim; A victim of democrats, a victim of the fake news, a victim of false allegation of sexual misconduct, a victim of a bunch of sore losers.

Let us not forgot that Donald Trump lost the popular vote by a mere 2.1%. That means of the 137.5 million Americans that voted in 2016, half remain under Trump’s toxic influence of lies, misinformation and gas lighting. Most shockingly, 43% of eligible voters didn’t care enough to vote at all. Despite all the arm-chair outrage expressed on twitter by the general public, it’s the conservatives taking the hate to the ballot box.

While Democrats can claim victory in the 2018 midterms, it was by the skin of their teeth. For days, many elections remained to close to call. This only amplified the division in America and the eagerness many have to turn a blind eye to Trump’s leadership as long as it means creating an America in their own image. How can we possibly forget the fact that Trump campaigned for a known pedophile, Roy Moore, who almost won his bid for senate and certainly would have if not for the mobilization of black female voters who made up the small difference and allowed Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, to win the seat instead. You see, Trump would have rather have had a pedophile in senate than a democrat if it meant tipping the scales of justice more in his favor.

Perhaps that is why conservative leaders around the country went to great lengths to block or unregister minorities who attempted to vote in the midterms. Some districts that were primarily people of color saw local authorities move their voting stations miles away from a centralized location to deliberately make it more difficult for democrats to vote. Worse, sometimes those who attempted to transport voters to stations in minority communities were arrested. Other states, like Georgia, had their election essentially refereed by the Republican candidate running for the seat. Indeed, in any other country, this would be recognized as a hostile takeover by a dangerous regime. Trump is well aware that his flagellants would be willing to go to extremes on his behalf- some of them have sent bombs to his critics and political opposition.

Trump has his wall. Nancy Pelosi seems to be one of the few democrats that acknowledge how rugged and unnatural this new terrain is. This isn’t merely political sparring, this is a potential civil war brewing. Trump would love for nothing more than to bellow from behind his phone: “Look what they’re doing to us!” He uses that often. “Us.” Implying his base is under some fictitious siege so they feel threatened themselves. “Us” is a vernacular he uses to incite panic and make every single one of his loyalists perceive it as a personal attack that requires their retaliation. Trump uses them as guard dogs and they haven't disappointed him.

Again, he uses their prejudices, fears and bias to his advantage. We who have remained outside the smokescreen of Trumpism understand that this President doesn’t do anything for his followers. He only care about weaponizing them to do his bidding. It’s a political Waco, Texas in the rust belt and he is their divine leader.

Nancy Pelosi has tried to substitute the justified anger of the freshmen class in the House of Representatives with pro-activity instead. Still, she has been ridiculed, mocked and degraded by her own party who think they can parlay their win by running in front a freight train to stop it from going further. It just doesn’t work that way, not in this new world of tribal politics where the wellbeing of America has been reprioritized to fall into formation with the Trump agenda instead. Democrats, in terms of organization, can’t even seem to agree on or approve of any candidates on their side stepping up to save them in 2020. They’ve effectively knee-capped every one of the democratic potentials for one reason or another, cutting off their nose to spite their face thus ensuring Trump a second term.

We have impeached Presidents for less, of course. However, we’ve never seen such a terrifying stronghold that a President maintains and wields against his opposition- all with the approval of his colleagues in Senate. Let’s be factual, even in a universe where facts are “Alternative fact” and “The truth is not the truth.” We cannot impeach Trump. Once proposed, it would not pass senate. It would not get past the Attorney General. It would be rejected by the Supreme Court. We have a government coup. We’re in unfamiliar, uncertain territory and Nancy Pelosi is attempting to navigate carefully through it while maintaining what remains of the integrity of the governing body of the United States, our democracy and, more importantly, the safety of Americans in jeopardy who are currently at the mercy of Trump and his Red Hats.

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