US / UK Trans Communities Begin Talking About Great Migration

Phaylen Fairchild
5 min readJan 19, 2023

Transgender people on both sides of the Atlantic have endured an onslaught of radicalized politicians, smear campaigns whipped up by the conservative media and dangerous legislation that makes them more threatened and vulnerable to violence and discrimination than ever before.

Many trans residents across both countries are now saying it’s time to leave.

Thriving under government bodies that have not only become hostile, but incite hostility toward trans people is impossible- and the deeper down the rabbit hole of myths, misinformation and surfacing their own deeply seated prejudices and crudely cobbled together science that they re-shape to sit in agreement with them has made largely driven the trans community to the fringes of society, pleading for healthcare, risking their families safety if they help provide them access to care, and now certain states are enforcing age restrictions on gender affirming medications, claiming a person may not pursue any gender affirming care until the age of 26. Trans parents are afraid of having their children removed from their households as the government identifies them as a threat, or bandies about the new buzzword the hate campaigns love to spew nowadays… “Groomer.”

The claims made my government bodies, anti-trans activists and religious zealots have no basis in reality and no merit in any science. It is the Salem Witch Trials all over again. Trans people, by their own representatives in capitol hill, have by and large been ignored. In many states, the trans community have no representation in government.

In the UK, the Tory government’s women and equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, has appointed the notoriously anti-trans activist Mercy Muroki, whose job description prior was as host on the conservative news network GB News. She also proudly boasts her support for JK Rowling.

Muroki is now set to advise on gender policy.

That’s a bit like having a fox determine what the Hens need in order to survive. She is unqualified, he bias against transgender people will be detrimental to the livelihood of trans folks throughout the UK, and she will see to it that trans people receieve no support from government as she looks to gut protections that the EU Equality…



Phaylen Fairchild

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