Trump Supporters Will Not Let Him Lose in 2020 And This is Why

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Their biggest motivator this round of elections is fear. They can’t hide.

The countless #MAGA hat wearing racists and bigots who launch daily tweet storms laden with racist, xenophobic, homophobic slurs as they praise Trump like a new Messiah can’t erase themselves from history. Neither can the countless white people attacking gay, black and lantix folks caught on video, screaming racial slurs and asserting their supremacy. Some white people have started a new trend of calling the police to make frivolous reports of black people, even children, for simply occupying their space. This, along with the hundreds of White Nationalists and Alt-Right Conservatives marching proudly down the streets of middle America to bemoan the fact that they have had to suffer the leadership of a black president and coexist with non-white, non-christian, non-straight people in silence will not be able to pretend it never happened. History is recorded, and it is as it was.

The journalists at FOX News, the state sponsored news agency, who have praised Trump despite his parade of lies and deliberate attempts to disenfranchise and oppress minorities will not be able to simply apologize. The White Supremacists whose photos have been plastered beneath shocking headlines during riots they incited at Charlottesville cannot obtain new identities or bleach away the stains of their past.

The people who have turned a blind eye to the debilitating effects on America’s most vulnerable citizens and, in fact, championed our victimization by this aggressive regime do not want a post-Trump America. They’ve taken off their hoods, worn their hate on their sleeves, stepped out of the shadows and shown us who they are… and we won’t forget the country they helped shape to our detriment.

Alex Jones’s and his fellow hate mongers creating propaganda to demonize underprivileged communities while offering up a heil Trump salute can’t slip back into obscurity after this nightmare we’ve had to endure, made no better by their constant badgering, conspiratorial lies and eagerness to stand complicit with a pathological liar. We won’t forget their unhinged rhetoric or their battle cries to “Round up all the gays, admonish immigrants and Transgender people” as if we were mere animals.

We can’t wipe our minds of the existence of Breitbart and other hate based propaganda machines posing as news sources whose constant spin cycle is intentionally curated to misinform readers, confuse and provoke tensions toward immigrants, LGBT individuals, and even justify the disproportionate murder of young black men by police officers who pay no consequences. The abandonment of journalism in favor of pop culture histrionics fueled by an elitist agenda with zero credibility or accountability is solely in pursuit of their selfish necessity to keep Trump in Power. Their mission is to embed this dystopian new world so deep in the fibers of our collective society that we can never go back to any semblance of order. For every year Trump has served, he, aided by his lemmings in congress and senate have undone 5 years of social progress- effecting education, the environment, women’s rights, racial equalities, diplomatic relationships, jeopardized our democracy and our freedom- our safety from religious motivated acts of hatred and intolerance.

Trump did us one favor in office. He lured out Americas ugliest denizens who had before slumbered in the underbelly of feigned morality waiting patiently for a leader to give them an opportunity just like this… a leader just like them. Angry, arrogant and anxious to reclaim what they perceive as theirs and theirs alone. They’re fighting to keep that exalted status, and they’re going to keep fighting.

We can’t unsee them. They know that. Trumpism has opened Pandora’s Box, and these figures of rage and division won’t retreat. They can’t retreat. Perhaps they didn’t realize that Donald Trump couldn’t be president forever, but the legacy they’ve created for themselves certainly will.

When some civility- some sense of normalcy is restored to this once great Nation, it would be irresponsible for us to forget who the people were that reveled in our hardships; Those whose ire was stoked by Trump as he urged them to vote for him explicitly so he could harm the rest of us… and they did.

In so many heartbreaking scenarios, we were forced to stare hate directly in the face from people who were once friends. From colleagues who had before, at best, tolerated us… even from family who, above and beyond everything else we believed would vote with their love for you in mind rather than eschew any debilitating consequences you’d have to pay as a result of their selfish choices. How many of us were shocked to see people we loved expose themselves as parties willing to throw us to the wolves… for a wall?

How do we ever go back from here, I ask you. I was attacked on twitter by a legion of Trump followers the night of the shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. My heart was in my throat as I listened to the tragedies unfold, a night that would cripple my community due to the senseless acts of violence and loss of lives. I had friends there that night. I was communicating with people who had escaped, asking if they’d heard from others who were inside, locked in a bathroom. Trump wasn’t president yet, but his contagion had spread throughout America already. In between missives of tearful condolences and updates, Trump fans jumped on the bandwagon with their to mock me.

The Trumpian effect of emboldened, Hitler-esque bigotry and dissent from conscience have brought them to the surface like scum from the bottom of a cesspool.

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I once said on twitter that when this ugly era of America fell into the History books, I would not forget the names and faces of the people who wanted this. A Trump fan replied that I was endorsing a form of modern McCarthyism. No, not at all, but I refuse to let the people who advocated for the mistreatment of their fellow Americans crawl back into the woodwork as if nothing happened…

But, therein lies the crux. They know they can’t. It’s far to late to ever retreat to the safety of their Klansman bunkers. Their only option is to make certain they don’t have to retreat; That they don’t have to be ashamed or answer the question “Why?”

“Why did you want this for us?”

They believe they’re regained control of their turf, as if America itself is a territory and by proxy of Trump, they’ve pissed all over it. Now, they think they can remove us through acts of sheer hostility and violence. A friend asked me, “Phaylen, how far away do you think we are from cages? Or camps? If you’re gay or transgender or an immigrant or a black man?” It was three months later that the story broke regarding Immigration control separating children from their parents and keeping them in cages… where many were abused, neglected and some even sexually assaulted- including a 6 year old girl.

The signs are there aready, especially for the transgender community. Protections redacted, the words “Transgender” banned in government communication along with “Vulnerable people.” The efforts to ban Trans people from the military, calling us distractions… and the frightening uprising of newly established divisions in government focused on giving more power to Religious orders.

This is the world Trumpians wanted. This is their reparations, their revenge. Every day it’s spiraling further out of control, and the only hope of stopping it is by using your vote- your voice- in November…

… before they take away that, too.

In order for them to keep Trump in the highest seat in the land, they’ll have to be loud. They will attack. They will threaten, intimidate and attempt to divide us and turn us against one another while they organize toward our defeat.

All this, because they’ve gone too far to turn back now. They will not accept a Trump loss… even if it means going to war with our own.

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Written by

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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