Trump Supporters Caught On Video Defacing Black Lives Matter Mural

A California couple packed up their truck and headed to the downtown area of Martinez where the words BLACK LIVES MATTER adorned Court Street.

Wearing pro-Trump T-Shirts, they got a bucket of black paint from their vehicle and a long handled paint roller and began erasing the bright yellow letters that symbolize the movement borne from the countless murders of unarmed Black men and women by Police authorities.

The man began recording the small group of people pleading with them to stop, while the woman quickly soaked her roller in blank paint and fervently began erasing the letters.

“This is racist.” Bystanders tried to explain to the couple.

This is racism is what it is,” the Man said gesturing to the Black Lives Matter mural in the road, “There is no racism, there is no oppression. It’s a leftist lie. It’s a lie from the media, the liberal left.” He paced nervously defending his wife as she continued to scrub the street. “Take this sh*t to F*ckin’ New York! This is not happening in my town,” the woman scolded onlookers.

A young Latina woman confronted the couple “Get out of here, what are you doing, no one wants you here.

The man replied, “No one wants Black Lives Matter here, either. All lives matter you f*cking punk, f*cking Keep America Great Again, that’s right,” and he shoved his fist into the air. “Why don’t you guys learn about history, you know what, all lives matter! ALL LIVES MATTER!

The Latina girl challenged them further, “Then what about the kids that are locked up in cages?”

Shut the f*ck up,” The white lady, scrubbing faster now, shot back, “That’s not happening okay!?”

The Man interjected; “The only reason people cry police brutality? People resisting arrest. Don’t have a run-in with the law and don’t resist arrest and there’d be no problem.” He explained as he recorded the young lady who refused to back down or walk away.

Go get those kids out of cages, then if all lives matter, then. There’s thousands of kids in cages as we speak!” She shouted.

“That’s not happening,” The white lady shot back again in denial, “Turn the channel!

Then, the unidentified young lady stepped toward them, snatched their paint bucket from the pavement…

and in glorious fashion, turned on one heel and said simply…

“F*ck your bucket.”

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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