Trump Must Recast Himself As A Victim Instead of A Villain Which Is Why The Lodestar Article is Likely A Shill

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No one knows how to keep their base outraged more than the American president.

Just imagine this for a moment; You’re an embattled world leader with a cult like following. You’ve designed yourself to appeal to their archaic prejudices as the rest of the world looks on in horror. You’ve withdrawn from International deals, made the working class vulnerable to tax increases, promised to have Mexico pay for a wall you’re now asking your people to pay for instead. You’ve separated families, placed unqualified millionaires in power positions as long as they vow their unwavering support. You’ve attacked non-christian Americans, LGBT Americans and People of color and called Nazi’s “Some good people.” You’ve blatantly insulted diplomatic allies and made friends with hostile dictators. Numerous people in your immediate orbit have been indicted for crimes. You’re under investigation youself, but the incompetence of your attorneys mean you must keep changing your story, so you decide to the moment a Judge says he’d never prosecute you, you give him a position on the Supreme Court, thus ensuring you will never be held accountable for anything the investigation unearths. Your Presidency will go down in the annals of history as ‘contested’ by the majority.

You’re trying to rub out any presence of any opposing party.

You can’t tolerate criticism, so you label every media outlet that refuses to kowtow to your agenda as Fake News or “Enemy of the People.” Every single day you attempt to create the narrative that you are under a relentless assault by entitled Democrats, using divisive vernacular to assert that it “Them against Us” as though it’s the Superbowl and we’re on separate teams vying for a trophy instead of survival.

Those vile Democrats…

But, it’s you stumping across the country hitting every single backward town and remote village to recruit voters into your army. You’ve suggested opening an investigation into Google, the worlds most popular search engine, for returning too many negative articles about you. You’ve been guilty of both employing men who have physically assaulted women and of endorsing child sexual predators for influential seats as long as they swear their unwavering support in return, no matter the expense to the Nation.

You’ve been caught lying nearly 5,000 times in your first 588 days in your position. Still, you still have the blind flagellants hanging off every bullish, unpredictable word (or tweet) that spills from your mouth. It doesn’t have to be the truth. Truth doesn’t exist in your world. You’ve redefined your lies as “Alternative facts.”

To keep your base angry and provide you a sturdy platform from which to discredit the news media, you, or someone in your administration, plants a damning story- about you- citing an anonymous source. It reeks of reckless journalism, doesn’t it? How convenient that there are no facts provided to substantiate the claims contained in the now infamous, anonymousy printed New York Times article accredited only to one of your own Senior Administrative Officials. It looks like you’re being betrayed. You have to look like you’re constantly dodging bullets of injustice. It looks like someone is setting you up. It must loo like a set up in order to give you an argument. It looks like you’re a victim, once again, and it infuriates your followers on your behalf. Masterful manipulation. Genius distraction from your own path of destruction.

So, you take to your 53 million followers and declare “TREASON?”

What a brilliant way to trigger your followers while posturing yourself as an innocent victim; A hero of the people, fighting selflessly for their benefit while being mercilessly crucified by the enemy- that being any American who opposes your rhetoric. You use this pivotal moment to say to your base of the Media, “I told you so, look what they’re doing to me!”

You bank on their sympathy and subsequent fury, convincing them that their noble leader is under attack. The Captain of their team is under fire, taking bullets from evil Snowflakes and corrupt Democrats or Hillary Clinton- who’s probably out walking her damn dog in the woods somewhere- so that he might provide his true patriots the world view he’s sold them like a used car. His loyalists haven’t the ability to discern right from wrong or good from bad anymore. All Trump needs to do is point the finger. No questions asked.

Both the media and self appointed sleuths have been having heated debates over who in the White House betrayed Donald Trump by leaking information intended to call into question the loyalty of his closest comrades in. The anonymous writer claimed to be part of “The Resistance” and deliberately guiding the impulsive President away from doing the grave damage he apparently wants to do.

The problem is that it doesn’t read as an authentic piece. We’re talking the White House here, not Little House On The Prairie. There are check in’s, check outs, surveillance cameras, recorded calls, and every staff member is heavily vetted and scrutinized for loyalty to the President rather than qualifications for their post. One can presume that it wouldn’t be hard to determine who among them authored that piece… unless they don’t want you to know.

If, in fact, the letter is a plant from within the Trump camp, its sole intent was to kick the hive of own fandom directly toward his detractors by manufacturing some covert vigilante do-gooder denouncing a dangerous President, parroting exhausted talking points, telling us things we already knew… But, it worked. Even Democrats have come out to condemn the article.

That is how you rally support. That is how you get a 90 Million dollar Military Parade in your honor. You paint yourself as a Martyr; A Modern day Jesus Christ- which some believe he is.

That is how you win the next election. You leverage the people against themselves by promising “violence” if they let you lose- because you have sacrificed and endured so much for them. That’s the narrative your create.

That’s how you gaslight a nation into subservience.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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