Trump Efforts to Ban Protests Proves The Constitution is Negotiable When Inconvenient

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For years now we’ve listened to right wing conservatives bellow incessantly about their second amendment rights, that being the right to bare arms. They lived in a state of perpetual terror that President Obama was going send officials door to door like Avon Ladies to collect guns in a mythical mass exodus of civilian firearms.

It never happened. It was never going to happen. It was a self manifested hysteria intended to leverage something- anything- against the democratic administration. Even in the face of horrific mass shooting events that have plagued the nation, not a single member of the administration attempted to revise or retract the second amendment.

They did propose regulations to thwart the increasing frequency of unlicensed gun ownership. They did propose more aggressive background checks on those attempting to own firearms. They did propose the removal of military grade weapons from the marketplace because who needs rapid firing military weapons if not in pursuit of a deadly purpose? Who wants those types of machine guns floating around or easy to obtain?

In American, we experience more deadly mass shootings than any other modernized nation. We also boast the most lenient gun laws, and that has been reflected repeatedly and to devastating effect in Aurora, Colorado, Newton, Connecticut, Orlando, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, Las Vegas, Nevada. Everywhere from shopping malls to elementary schools, from music concerts to college campuses, we have seen the consequences of our cavalier attitude toward heavy arsenal and ammunition.

In the dark aftermath of each bloodbath, Republicans, many financially backed by the National Rifle Association, come forward immediately in defense of guns and, predictably, they start reciting the Second Amendment.

I found it incredibly telling that Donald Trump has decided that protesters, who have been the bane of his presidency since the indelibly corrupt 2016 election, should be criminalized. He wants to make the act of peaceful protesting illegal. Ironically, protesting is an exercising of multiple constitutionally protected rights; Both in the form of Freedom of Speech and the Right to Assemble covered by the first amendment.

However, Donald Trump loathes criticism. It’s no secret that the American President experiences an emotional meltdown whenever he is mocked or challenged. He has made sure to clarify that his hands are, indeed, normal size hands. His hair is real. He is a self-made billionaire. He is the healthiest president in the history of presidents. He’s done more for the country than any former president has. Most of these statements he has made in response to the press are contradictory to demonstrable facts. Facts, however, are irrelevant to this President. Optics are everything. He has an egotistical desire to control perspective of his image, and if he is not exalted as anything but the greatest human male specimen, the best in every form and fashion, he launches into a public tirade. Sometimes at the White House podium, sometimes on twitter.

In the past he has classified all of those Americans who have protested his divisive, dangerous policies as paid actors; An effort to discredit anyone who disagree with him or simply dislikes him. He has attempted to convince his adoring fanbase that all those who protest him are, ultimately, fake. Same with news agencies that don’t beam adoringly over him. “Fake News!” His ego will not allow him to accept that there are people who find his racist, misogynistic, behavior despicable, his politics of “Them vs. Us” malignant, and his leadership unqualified. Still, there exists a disturbing yet persistent delusion that it is impossible for anyone to genuinely object to his presidency.

Thus, he believes it should be illegal.

Unlike with guns and the bizarre, self-manufactured, legitimately fake war against them, similarly to the legitimately fake “War on Christmas” that never existed but even still sends Republicans into hysterics every year, the Republican aren’t interested in the constitution anymore. At least, not in any context where it might be used to protect civilians from a Dictator-like leadership or hold those in power accountable for violating them.

Now, the constitution is an inconvenience. A thorn in his side. A threat to his ego.

As far right as the United States government has shifted, the threat to our democracy is growing more evident with every baby caging, trans banning, travel banning, woman hating, law making in the name of Christianity, and we should be terrified.

The truth, despite the president’s own protestations, is undeniable.

It is also his worst enemy.

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