Trans Trump Supporter Interviews Politician who Stalked Trans Woman in Public Bathroom

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It’s as bizarre as you might expect.

Trans Trump fan, Erin Sith, invited the California Politician who stalked and recorded a Trans woman who used a public restroom. Jazmina Savvedra was met with both praise and persecution for verbally assaulting an unidentified Transwoman in a California Denny’s Restaurant last week. In the video Savvedra, who is running for a congressional seat in California’s 44th district, harassed, misgendered and claimed the Trans woman was “Scaring” her, and was a “Man in the ladies bathroom.” She laughed as she made a spectacle of the incident before posting the video to Facebook which is laden with Pro-Trump propaganda.

I found it incredibly unusual that Savvedra would accept an invitation from another Transgender woman for a sit-down chat on facebook live until I realized just who she was sitting down with.

Erin Sith is an unusual breed. She’s not just a gun-loving Trump fan who attends his rallies and buys his merchandise; she also seems to be decidedly Anti- trans. In a response to a message from Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsome, encouraging LGBT citizens who have been disenfranchised by the Trump administration to vote, she fired back with a meme that read “2 Genders, 2 Scoops, 2 Terms: Deal with it!”

It’s difficult not to sound judgmental when trying to understand Sith’s frame of mind. How does an individual get to a place where they demonstrably hate themselves and encourage others to join them. Is she a shill- not an actual Transgender person, but a figure intent on manipulating her growing fanbase into thinking that Transgender people asking for equal rights and protections from discrimination are the crazy ones? She has a word she uses to describe them: “ShitTards.”

Is she one of the small minority of Trans people who got lost in a state of gender confusion and now suffers surgical regret? It happens. There are cases where individuals mistakenly took their transvestite interest too far and hoped transition would “fix” them. YouTube is riddled with testimonials from people who de-transitioned after realizing it wasn’t their path. That’s okay. We’re each responsible for our own happiness, and in pursuit of that, we don’t always make the right choices for ourselves.

Whatever the case may be with Sith, she has developed a rather notorious reputation for her antics. She was photographed at a Trump rally where she was donning a Make America Great Again baseball cap while the men and woman around her, also Trump supporters, kept knocking it off her head, calling her names and pushing her away. They didn’t want a Transgender person in their midst. They considered her an enemy. It was during this otherworldly moment that Instagram user kiklowiczz snapped her photo as she simply shrugged before tottering off to look for her MAGA cap once more.

It’s quite possible that Sith just wants to be famous. Not altogether unlike the 14 year old boys lighting their farts on fire and jumping off tall buildings for likes and views, Sith has made sure to cover all the bases. She’s proudly racist, admonishing Facebook for taking down a photo which showed a gaggle of White men giving the White Power hand signal. She recorded herself at a protest against Israel's bombing of Palestine where she thrust the camera in people’s faces and called them “Self-hating Jews.” The irony of an anti-trans transgender woman calling those promoting peace self hating is not lost on me. I believe she knows it and simply doesn’t care. Her radicalism is too well practiced and broad to be genuine in nature. She’s like a Transgender Tomi Lahren, except bigoted conservatives adore Lahren; Sith? Not so much. But, it’s not for lack of trying.

As if this weren’t enough, she’s also a staunch opponent of feminism.

And absolutely terrified of immigrants and Muslims.

So, the fact she sat down with a Savvedra, an immigrant herself who despises other immigrants, the collaboration of the two makes sense. The fact that they exist in the first place, however, is mind boggling.

Sith is what I call a POPer. An individual who attempts to be Provocative on Purpose to appear edgy, rebellious or generate attention, negative or positive, by which they measure their self worth. The Savvedra interview is only one of many live videos Sith hosts on social media where she rails against minorities, equality, and places a make believe target on her head so she can complain that she is under attack by liberals for being a “Patriot.” Never mind the fact that she doesn’t know what it means.

Her efforts have fetched her limited notoriety in the Republican community who praise her for being smart enough to hate herself as well as everyone else who isn’t wealthy, white, straight or christian, so a actually few give her a pass. Granted, they’re the same folks who would murder her after sex, protest her funeral, refuse her access to a bathroom and let a doctor leave her in the road to die after a car wreck citing religious or moral obligation… but hey, they like her posts. They’re treating her like one of the boys and she revels in it in the same way Trump does- by appealing to their prejudices, regardless if hers are authentic- or for fifteen minutes of fame.

But, I bet if they met her in person, they’d still push her out of the way and knock her MAGA hat off her head again.


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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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