The US Supreme Court Is Now An Alt-Right Political Machine

Phaylen Fairchild
5 min readNov 20, 2022

Remember when the memo was leaked last year foretelling the fate of Roe vs. Wade and the nation went into a meltdown? The evangelicals and hyper-conservatives rejoiced while progressive liberals went into overdrive in an effort to protect the 50 year old law that protects a woman’s sovereignty over her own body.

The Supreme Court promised to root out the “Leaker” and involved many senators who decried the compromise as a blemish on the SCOTUS record and ability to uphold the constitution and maintain neutrality, only serving to impose the law as written rather than make laws from behind the sacred bench.

It has now been alleged that of our own Supreme Court Justices leaked his own memo to the press. Justice Samuel Alito, leveraging the fact that the additional Trump appointed Supreme Court Judges has tipped the scales of law toward far-right extremism, leaked the memo himself. The intention of doing so seemed to create a scenario where pro-life lobbyists could now gift hefty donation to the Justice’s interests in order to sway their ruling on the law intended to protect women. This, in spite of the fact the the new appointees had promised to protect the law as it was written and accept it as the law of the land. Justice Kavanagh, Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Neil Gorsuch, lied in their confirmation testimonies before senators to gain access to their powerful seats where they would do exactly what they swore they would not, effectively committing perjury.

Justice’s serve life-long terms on the bench, only being replaced if they retire or pass away, which means they can influence the course of law for entire generations. The bench was once considered the most sacrosanct seat in the United States, upholding the constitution and the rights of the people ensconced within as they perceive it. Since the seating of Trump’s appointees, Justice Brett Kavanagh, Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the already ultra conservative Justices Samuel Alito who was installed in 2006 and Justice Clarence Thomas, installed in 1991, many basic rights for minority communities have been the focus of revisiting, including revoking gay marriage, revising the civil rights act of 1964 to negative impact voter right and re-determine exactly who should be protected beneath…

Phaylen Fairchild

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