The Trans Woman And The Wi Spa Controversy

Phaylen Fairchild
7 min readJul 11, 2021

Last week, a video recorded by Instagram user “cubanaangel” showed herself angrily approaching the counter of a popular, LGBTQ inclusive spa and angrily alleging that a man had come into the women’s area, disrobed and “Was naked expo(s)ing his testicles and penis slinging it left to right in front of young girls, teens and grown women.”

Ordinarily, this would be a pretty heinous violation that should require police intervention and the immediate removal of the perpetrator. There is no situation where any person, man or woman, has the right to provocatively thrust their genitalia around and behave in a sexually charged, performative fashion toward other customers. It is quite plainly an assault.

However, the outraged customer immediately turned her complaint into a brutal anti-transgender tirade, arguing with the staff of Wi Spa, who explained to her that their policy had always been inclusive of all people.

This is where it becomes a little suspect.

The customer never identified the alleged offender as transgender until another customer, watching the escalating scene, asked her “Are you talking about a transgender person?”

“There is NO SUCH THING AS TRANSGENDER!” she scolded. “He has a dick!”

A heated exchange ensued wherein the shouting customer claimed that “There are many girls down there- other women- who are highly offended by what they just saw.”

In the following moments, the shouting woman began urging other customers in the lobby to get a refund and attempting to incite hysteria among the gathering crowd, even accusing one bystander of being gay if he didn’t have a problem with it and then chiding the fellow customer further saying, “It must be hard not being a real man, huh, try it.”

Wi Spa Customer and Instagram user Cubanaangel (Pictured)

Soon, an employee of Wi Spa approached the bellowing customer to inform her that an On Duty Security Guard assured her that behavior wasn’t allowed and “Sometimes predators try to enter the spa.”

The following days saw the affluent Wilshire Blvd spa descended upon by anti-trans protesters…



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