The Terrifying Moment a Man Runs His Car Through a Crowd Of Protesters

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(UPDATE: On July 4th, Summer Taylor has passed away at the age of 24. Condolences to Their family, friends and fellow protesters in Seattle.)

A Small group of Seattle based Black Lives Matter protesters that had gathered on the closed Interstate 5, just after 1 am Saturday morning were ending their protest when they suddenly found themselves in the path of a speeding white jaguar that intentionally swerved to plow right through them and then fled the scene.

The protesters, which gather nightly to honor the memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain and countless other innocent unarmed Black men and women who have been murdered by police authorities often protest on the closed section of the interstate chanting the names of those we mourn.

The victims of the hit and run are Summer Taylor, 24 of Seattle, a frequent live streamer Diaz Love, 32 of Bellingham. Both have been listed in critical condition. Both women took a hard and direct hit when the vehicle revved it’s engine and sped through the closure.

The Driver of the car has been captured by Seattle authorities and identified as 27 year old Dawit Kelete of Seattle who has been booked on two counts of vehicular assault and denied bail.

The tragedy sent ripples through the tightly knit Seattle protest community, with many having developed close, family-like relationships. Streamers, like Diaz, have become familiar internet personalities with many supporters… and a lot of targeted opposition.

The organizers of Black Lives Matter Women’s March have released a statement revealing the extent to which they have been targeted by violent antagonists.

On Friday, Love, who has been staying in their van with their two dogs, took to their Facebook and posted the following:

Taylor and Love are both regular participants in the protests, proving the world at large a view of the activities as they happen via social media. They are beloved by their community and this senseless act of violence has left them shaken and deeply worried for their friends and allies.

Currently, police have not released any motive for the attack on the crowd.

Love, as usual, had their camera filming for nearly 2 hours up until the attack took place, and it captured the moment they were struck by the oncoming vehicle. A security camera positioned on a nearby divide captured the tragedy from another perspective. Both videos have been circulating on social media.

You can support the victims of this unimaginable attack by using the donation links below.

Summer Taylor:
Venmo: @Summerjwt

Diaz Love
Venmo: @itsdiazlove

The videos below are incredibly graphic and disturbing. Discretion is advised.

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