The Moment Rose McGowan Accidentally Confirmed Herself As CIShetero Only Feminist

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Actress Rose McGowan who has positioned herself on the frontlines of the #MeToo Movement that has folded back layers of toxic masculinity and power leveraged by Men to silence their victims accidentally confirmed her belief that Transwomen are not women.

As an actress, Rose had slipped into obscurity over the last decade. Her last notable appearance onscreen was a role in “Planet Terror,” a niche noir film helmed by then boyfriend Robert Rodriguez and, sadly enough, executive produced by a Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein would eventually be revealed as McGowan’s rapist, who he paid to silence and subsequently blackballed in Hollywood.

Although she signed a nondisclosure agreement as part of her deal to remain quiet about her attack, she chose to come forward in the wake of other Actresses, specifically, Mira Sorvina and Ashley Judd, to lend her voice to the growing chorus of disturbing allegations against Weinstein. Her story gave even more gravity to a necessary conversation which demonstrated our disturbing social tolerances of abuse towards women in the workplace and heightened our degree of awareness. She became one of the most outspoken, aggressive women on the internet and quickly set out to prove she was taking no prisoners. She established her own hashtag, #RoseArmy, and launched a historic campaign that could have been vital in influencing change from her renewed platform.

That wasn’t to be. Her March toward becoming a modern day feminist hero was quickly overshadowed by her polarizing remarks and blanket statements about gay men and Transwomen. However, her abhorrent stances came well before she stepped into the spotlight to propel the #MeToo movement. In 2014, speaking of gay men, McGowan told Author and Podcast host Bret Easton Ellis:

“gay men are as misogynistic as straight men, if not more so.” They’d fought “for the right to stand on top of a float wearing an orange speedo and take molly,”

Later, during her frequent twitter tantrums targeting celebrities, she reacted to a tweet by Ellen Degeneres who opposed Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT legislation:

Instantly, people questioned why Rose would seek to invalidate the injustices forced upon one disenfranchised community to bring awareness to another. She separated women from Transwomen in her missive. It the first bullet, at least since becoming a high profile figure again, that she shot into her own foot.

While Rose’s feminist stance on the surface might seem noble and sourced from the authenticity of her hellish experiences, they’re actually a deafening warcry rooted in her own rage; not social injustice. Her mission appears to be that of a primitive warrior demanding the heads of their enemies, real or imagined, on a pike. She has stated repeatedly, “All men are bad.”

But on Wednesday, she turned her fleet of arrows on Transwomen again. It happened during a (heavily delayed) appearance at a Barnes and Noble bookstore in New York City where McGowan was promoting her conveniently timed memoir, “Brave.” Although her handlers had carefully pre-selected questions, McGowan was thrown off course by a Transwoman who stood up and took her to task for the Trans exclusionary remarks she made to “What’s The Tee?” podcast host and famous drag queen RuPaul back in November. Although she devoted most of her time on the show reinforcing her opinions about the “Pathetic” male species and describing them as despicable creatures who see women as primarily a repository for their seamen, for a brief moment she relented to say what she believes everyone is thinking; “Something that’s funny: I talk to my Trans friends about, you guys have never- I say you guys, girls, women, whatever- have never asked me what it is like to be a woman, you’ve never once asked me what it’s like to grow up as a woman; what it’s like to get a period, what’s it like when you grow breasts and people are all the sudden screaming at you on the streets? What’s it like when you world get’s loud? What’s it like? Because they assume because they felt like a woman on the inside, that’s not developing as a woman, that’s not growing as a woman, that’s not living in this world as a woman. And a lot of the stuff I hear Trans complaining about, I’m like yeah, welcome to the world, this is our world… Oh, this is how you’re being treated? Oh, me too…

Co-Host Michelle Visage intercepts, “And they are being treated that way.

And they are being treated that way… but so are we. And it’s not fun… And a lot of them go from — It’s a shock, it’s a shock to their system.” Rose reminds Visage. Her preoccupation with womanhood defined solely in having breasts and a vagina is quite transparent.

Again, Visage interrupts in an effort to save McGowan from herself, “True, but I’ll say that most trans kids or people who transition have been called out in different ways.

She continues her tirade against other minorities and even the organizations that represent them, McGowan said;

“…Honestly I got really mad. I got mad at the HRC (Human Rights Campaign) at GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) when equal pay for women was voted down almost two years ago, there was not a peep from any one of these organizations. I’m like ‘Do you not represent women? Do you not?’ And you can bet if they were voting down equal pay for gay men all hell would have broke loose. And that is some fucked up shit and I’m not having it.”

The wise Rupaul warned her; “When you fight with Monsters, be careful not to become one.

But, these are just a few of the thousands of documented remarks Rose McGowan has made to minimize the effects of social damages inflicted upon others. It appears, from Rose’s perspective, that gay men, transwomen and women of color do nothing but distract from her focus. Over time, as she has become more militant and clearly altruistic, constantly making self congratulatory remarks about herself. She has attacked everyone from past co-stars and ex-boyfriends to the entire male orientated race for having a penis, to the women who defend them.. or don’t speak in alignment with her increasingly hostile sensibilities.

I must admit that, in the beginning of the #MeToo movement, as a Transwoman, I found a seat aboard the #RoseArmy train and she had my unbridled support. I recognized her pain, sympathized with her plight and rallied alongside her as an ally. I saw her as an incredible activist… until she became terrifyingly radicalized and divisive. She had become a manifestation of hate that began as hurt, and the power of her purpose reduced itself to a whinge I could no longer tolerate.

And apparently the Transwoman who held her accountable at Barnes and Noble felt the same way. In the video posted online that captured the moment, Rose is shaken, even outraged by the unvetted line of questions and statements. The audience member points out the percentage of Transwomen who are also sexually attacked, harassed, even murdered, yet are excluded from Rose’s definition of worthwhile. So, she rambles incoherently about some cable channel called the ID network that discusses the topic 24 hours a day. It made no sense. Are they sponsoring her? Her lack of preparedness seemed to leave the comment appear entirely out of place.

Rose attempts to redeem herself for a split second, addressing the audience member as “Sister” but eventually loses all composure after being asked “What have you done for Transwomen?

“What have you done for women?” She spits out the words like well-chewed gum she’d long grown sick of before jumping out of her chair and demanding the woman be removed from the event, barking, “Get lost!

The exchange made it clear that Rose still resists the reality that Transwomen are women, and in this moment, face to face, she was no longer allowed to exclude them from the discussion that had outgrown Rose herself and, in fact, left her behind to stew in her own outrage.

And now, all she is left with is her hashtag and reinvigorated ability to monetize her celebrity, profiteering off the very thing she protests. She’s still selling her decade old brand of being a badass sex-symbol in a horror movie, but only those she deems worthy are allowed to have their suffering acknowledged.

Everyone else can be victimized off-screen.

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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