Supreme Court Battle Over LGBT Rights Collide With World Mental Health Day

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LGBTQ+ people around the US must sit and wait to see if the Supreme Court will legalize discrimination against us.

The Trump Administration has challenged the entire LGBTQ+ community by bringing their rights and protections into contest in the nations highest court. On the heels of a seemingly endless barrage of attacks on the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender folks, the Supreme Court ruling will decide if the community, already subject to disproportionate acts of violence, can now be legally fired from jobs, evicted from their apartments, denied access to public places and services based upon their sexual preference or gender identity.

This is part of a longstanding agenda by the Trump administration to elevate Religious rights above the human and civil rights of LGBTQ identifying Americans. So far, we’ve seen the founding of the Health and Human Resources Division of Religious Freedom and Moral Conscience, a new government branch which is designed to protect religious people, especially medical caregivers, who refuse to treat ill or injured LGBTQ individuals based on their religious or moral convictions.

According to the official White House Website, The Trump Administration has placed a heavy priority on Religious protections- instead of protecting Americans subjected to abuse as a result of indoctrinated religious belief.

From the website:

ADVANCING RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AROUND THE WORLD: President Donald J. Trump is putting religious freedom on center stage at the United Nations.

• President Trump is hosting the Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom event, calling on the international community and business leaders to work to protect religious freedom.

• The President is calling on all nations to act to bring an end to religious persecution and stop crimes against people of faith.

• The State Department has hosted two Religious Freedom Ministerials, during which more than 100 governments and religious leaders committed to fight religious persecution.

• The Administration is spearheading the International Religious Freedom Alliance, an alliance of nations dedicated to confronting religious persecution around the world.

• The Administration has taken steps to protect victims of all faiths from religious violence.

• The Administration will dedicate an additional $25 million to protect religious freedom and religious sites and relics.

• The Department of Justice hosted its Summit on Combating Anti-Semitism in July.

• The United States has provided humanitarian aid to help Christians and Yazidis who suffered at the hands of ISIS and to help Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing persecution.

Trump himself also skipped the UN Summit on Climate Change to speak at a panel on Religion instead and remains the only president in history to speak at the Value Voters Summit, a convention held annually that hosts radical anti-LGBT speakers who preach violence and hatred while distributing bigoted propaganda levied at the LGBT community.

One of Donald Trump’s first major moves since taking his position in the Oval Office was the controversial banning of all transgender individuals from military service, branding them a “distraction,” a “burden” and a “Disruption.” The decision was challenged in court by activists, but ultimately upheld by the Supreme Court.

Enduring the onslaught of unpredictable attacks by an aggressive President and his administration of anti-gay cabinet members has left an already vulnerable community reeling with fear and uncertainty regarding our future and ability to thrive in the United States under such oppressive conditions.

Some studies show that Mental Health in America has declined significantly since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, especially within the LGBTQ community. Suicide among gay men is steadily on the rise.

While the Trump administration has slashed funding for mental healthcare programs and treatment centers around the country, LGBTQ Americans struggling to manage conditions, which include chronic depression, anxiety, social phobia, suicidal ideation, are often left defenseless against yet another Trump imposed dilemma.

Compound that with having to watch as our fate is decided by the Supreme Court, who are ultimately deciding if we deserve the same protections and civil liberties as our straight, cisgender counterparts, or if we will be denied them. This ruling could through millions of LGBTQ Americans into crisis, those who may wake up and find themselves homeless or unemployed.

It appears clear to anyone observing that the Trump Agenda is to slowly remove LGBT people from the American fabric by legislating us out of existence. The wheels of this effort are in motion.

He has placed our physical healthcare access in jeopardy to please religious radicals. He has restricted ease of access to mental healthcare treatment. He has deliberately waged a war on LGBTQ+ people from his podium and emboldened hate-motivated acts of violence and abuse against us. He has aligned himself with religious extremists with terrifying world views that often propose murdering gay men, imprisoning transgender women and is advocating for restoration of natural law according to the Bible.

For the LGBTQ community, World Mental Heath Day isn’t just another day of awareness, but a day when we will discover whether or not our future as Americans will be sustainable, or if we will continue to fall at the mercy of Trump and his assault on our rights.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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