Republicans Look To Reverse Marriage Equality

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The official website of the GOP has published a manifest of their intentions post a 2020 win- by keeping the same issues from their 2016 platform. That includes proposing a “Reconsideration or Constitutional Amendment returning control over marriage to the states.

The website which appears to no longer represent a party, but exists as a complete devotional to Donald Trump and his divisive politics features multiple pictures of the current American President on the front page and urges visitors to make calls on his behalf while linking directly to his merchandise store. Already, the party that once championed the abolishing of slavery has weaponized legislation to attack voting rights for minorities, women’s reproduction rights, LGBTQ+ civil rights and federal environmental protections.

More concerning than the evident is the doubling-down of their stated belief on the role of children as viewed through their ever narrowing “Traditional Values” lens.

Since 2017, when the the United States Supreme Court overruled an Arkansas State Supreme Court ruling and demanded gay couples be treated equally to opposite sex couples, many gay married couples have been afforded a pathway to legally adopt or foster children. Although, it must be noted, Republicans have been pushing back against this since that ruling and have succeeded in using their power to allow adoption agencies to reject same sex parents citing their own religious objections earlier this year.

Just last week, The Trump administration submitted a brief to the Supreme Court arguing that a taxpayer-funded organization should be able to refuse to work with same-sex couples and others whom the group considers to be in violation of its religious beliefs. Tennessee, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other states have already seen Republicans sue them for permission to discriminate.

This move begs the question; What will happen to families not deemed “Traditional” by the Trump administration?

What will happen to the children currently being fostered or having been adopted by gay parents in the past that are still minors and whose parents might no longer have a marriage recognized by law? What if these children do not have a Mom and a Dad, a necessity outlined by the GOP platform, but two Moms or two Fathers instead? Are they going to rip apart families and claim it is for the sake of vulnerable children?

The party ran on this issue, promising restorative results and achieving them to a degree, in 2016. And, they won. The damage that could be done with another four years is unimaginable. While citing God as the foundation of “Strong families” of which the “Cornerstone is Natural Marriage” they seem to completely remove the concept of love.

The statement goes on to say;

The Trump administration has already leveraged religion to allow medical caregivers to deny LGBTQ+ Americans lifesaving treatment if they claim it contradicts their religious beliefs. In fact, they have used religion as a destructive device against the queer community since assuming power of the Senate and appointing many judicial seats in the last election, including allowing federal contractors to fire LGBTQ+ employees without recourse, urging LGBTQ+ removal from protection beneath the 1964 civil rights act that prevented discrimination on the bases of gender identity and sexual orientation, and denying safe shelter access to homeless transgender people.

They have funneled money away from public schools to private, religious institutions.

We no longer have a separation of Church and State when those in a minority are suffering as a result of religion in politics.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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