Pride for Pay: Corporations Funding Anti-LGBT Politicians Flaunt Fake Solidarity

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Multi-Million dollar corporations like AT&T may change their logos for pride month, but they also doll out big dollars to politicians who lobby for anti-LGBTQ legislation.

Forbes journalist Dawn Ennis recently detailed a startling discovery. Many corporations that routinely involve themselves in Pride Month activities, sometimes via sponsorship or a visible presence during a parade, have been caught donating millions to anti-LGBTQ Politicians and lobbyists.

As Pride has gone mainstream, corporations have developed an interest in leveraging the Pride events throughout the month of June to market to the LGBTQ community- mostly by pretending to advocate for our rights and equalities. Meanwhile, beneath the surface of social media pages adorned with rainbow flags and #LoveIsLove hashtags, they’re funneling donations toward conservative ideologies that explicitly exclude the very people they’re feigning allegiance with and marching alongside.

Pride for Pay is a growing problem that has developed as the worldwide celebrations, today, fetch an attendance of millions in major cities. Via their participation, they signal a commitment to standing up to the acts of discrimination and bigotry so frequently levied against members of our community.

This is not a partnership. This a deception that abuses our trust and betrays our collective efforts to increase education, visibility and social awareness, even when under an administration that has targeted us with relentless attacks, rolled back our protections, banned some of us from military service, enshrined religion into law so that gay parents cannot adopt children in some states and the sweeping legislation that leaves us all vulnerable to medical neglect.

Pride Organizers get excited to see large corporations spring up during event season. Over the years we have seen the broadening of corporate participation as an indication that we are making progress. Through our lens, it demonstrates to us that we’re seen and valued. Now, we must steel against the fact that, in many cases, that has been a lie.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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