Police Officer Posts Vicious Anti Trans Rap to Social Media

“Hey, hi, hello, this is officer Bob / Last name Sisco, first name Rob

I’m a man of many talents so many talents in fact / I know you’re thinking that I’m black so of course I can rap

Well that’s partially true and the truth does hurt / No I’m not Will Smith so fuck I’m gonna curse

Spit facts over feelings because you’re feelings are irrelevant / There’s only two genders and Trump’s still your president

Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina / This whole coronavirus was sent here from China

Hillary is Killary we all know the reason / Where those emails at? We should hang her for treason

I try to keep calm cause it’s good for my health / But we all know Epstein didn’t kill himself

Just because I’m a cop it doesn’t mean that I’m bad / Every day I go to work and I put on a badge

But I’d rather use my words than resorting to violence / Cause I’d rather talk to y’all than a blue wall of silence

I grew up in the hood, I’m a Newburgh G / I might be 5-O, I’m still the same old me

And we all bleed red, whether white, black or brown / But we need to get together and shut this shit down

Stop lootin’, stop shootin’, stop fires and threats / It only takes two people I’m first so who’s next?”

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright phaylens@gmail.com https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

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