Pete Buttigieg Ad Offers Up Date With Husband For Donations

The ad, currently running on Twitter has backfired spectacularly as even democrats deem it “weird” and “bizarre.”

These “Chip in!” campaigns are starting to wear on even the most dedicated democrats. Elizabeth Warren ran an ad urging supporters to join her “For a beer (or Tea!)” in exchange for a small donation but the youngest candidate running for president offered his donors a very different potential reward for participating in his campaign: A night at the theater with his own husband.

It’s an unusual choice that has been met with the typical social media trolling but also a great deal of awkward responses that range from the famous gif:

To the less sarcastic and more comedic response:


Some point out what a departure Buttigieg’s fundraising effort is from his competition and predecessors, pointing out how it would be received if Senator Elizabeth Warren offered up a night on the town with her husband, or if Beto O’Rourke had held a raffle for a few hours with his wife. Others, however were simply excited for an opportunity to see Hamilton, but less so to see it with Buttgieg’s husband, Chasten.

However, a few ride-or-die Mayor Pete fans were more than thrilled about the opportunity to share a theater pew with the potential First Gentleman.

Many of the politicians running to replace Donald Trump in the Oval Office are working overtime to meet the quota of donations and required to hit the target amount required by the Democratic National Committee in order to participate in the fifth democratic debate on November 20th.

The criteria for participation has become more strict with each round, with the latest qualification demanding the candidates poll at 3% or higher in at least four separate recognized polls, or receive at least 165,000 donations from a minimum 600 individual donors from each state. The DNC has exponentially raised the requirements with each debate in order to whittle down the candidates that qualify for the stage. In the past, candidates like Marianne Williamson, Tim Ryan, Tom Steyer and Tulsi Gabbard failed to meet the criteria to participate in the September debates, but the latter two met the requirements to appear alongside competitors in October. Williamson and Ryan haven’t been able to meet the requirements since the second debate while others like Kristen Gillibrand, Jay Inslee and Bill DeBlasio dropped out of the race entirely.

With such a large cast of contenders and the high stakes of the 2020 election, some of those still in the race have resorted to unusual tactics, with Andrew Yang suddenly announcing at the third debate he would demonstrate his much touted “Freedom Dividend” proposal by giving a thousand dollars a month to ten lucky Americans. The stunt drew widespread criticism, questions of legality and a sarcastic dismissal from Buttigieg himself. The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana stood quiet for a moment while eyeing Yang before shrugging and saying “It’s original. I’ll give you that.”

So is making your husband the prize in a social media raffle.

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