Oops! She Did It Again, Transphobic J.K. Rowling: “No Fox Belongs In a Henhouse.”

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I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Remember back in march where I criticized the beloved liberal icon and Harry Potter author for repeatedly liking blatant transphobic content and articles maligning transgender women, specifically? I pointed out that once was a mistake, twice, three times, that’s a pattern. I took a lot of heat for that article, including having Harry Potter loyalists author their own articles… about me.

Now, Rowling is at it again, and this time isn’t even bothering to feign ignorance as she has in the past. Of course, a woman of her status and with a following her size would typically be more mindful of the content she supports knowing that, in the past, her choices have courted controversy.

One would presume that a woman, adored by fans for her seemingly unwavering commitment to gender equality and declarations of solidarity to the LGBT community would know that such rhetoric would deeply hurt those within that community who hold her on a pedestal. Rowling has a very large LGBT fanbase, as most of her fans who are now young adults, related to the same social resistance and ostracizing that those in her wizarding world did. The adopted her story as a sort of parable that paralleled their own experiences. Of course, we apply our own vision to the art of others, looking for ourselves in the portrayal. Rowling’s books and her subsequent evolution as a modern day social justice hero now appear to be purely optics. Nothing authentic about those clever comebacks to Trump and the routine take-downs of bigots when you realize, beneath the cloak of invisibility lies a a betrayer of her own words- which we now see as nothing more than performative. A feigning of allegiance with those who pay her buy her books and see her films.

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Ms. Rowling liked the analogy that Transgender women are akin to a “Fox in the Henhouse.” Ironic that to her throngs of transgender fans and their allies, she has demonstrated once again, she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not an ally, not a staunch supporter of equality and progressive world views, not interested in supporting those within her fanbase who identify as trans… not in the least. Instead, as she has co-signed anti-trans rhetoric before, she continues to intentionally exclude trans folks from her altruistic efforts to appear socially liberal.

Her platform has been expanded well beyond book lovers and deep into the realm of social activism, often reaping praise and awards for her staunch position on diversity and inclusion. I’d never read a Harry Potter book before, but I was a fan who maintained great respect and admiration for a woman who used her privilege and platform to quell the discord LGBT people face in a culture that has become increasing hostile. However, as we have seen a shocking rise in faux-democrats and covert elitists parading as progressives and posturing themselves as allies to generate support with the nefarious intent to cripple us from within, it would seem Rowling has more in common with the trolls than with the community she pretends to advocate.

I understand how disappointed- even heartbroken her loyalists may be. My last article holding her accountable provoked incredible backlash from those who simply did not want to believe, under any circumstances, that their idol could possible harbor her own chamber of secrets beneath the graceful smile and disarming tweets feigning solidarity. I respect that it must hurt a great deal to watch your idols fall, revealing themselves to be paragons of deceit instead of monuments of comfort.

Yet, still, this is who she is. It’s not another “mistake.” It’s not a slip of the finger. This is her standing in agreement with those who deem transgender people threats to society, even calling us “Trans rapists.”

It’s time we stop giving her the benefit of the doubt purely to suppress our own disappointment. J.K. Rowling is a TERF. In fact, she doubled down on her sentiments by, again, liking the original authors response when people called her on her repeat antics. The original author is Janice Turner, a journalist, a known TERF, who seems to want to create the narrative that all transgender women are, in fact, men in disguise who don female clothing to sexually prey upon innocent women and children. If you disagree with that skewed ideology, well, according to Turner, you’re a “Misogynist” or “Anti-woman.”

No one is policing J.K. Rowling’s thoughts or beliefs. We are, however, illuminating them. Bringing up the lights on her incredulous alignments, her co-conspirators and their toxic beliefs. She does not support this community. Full stop. We needn’t ask her why or wait for another dictated explanation provided by a spokesperson, but instead accept that she continues to passively express her sentiments leveraging those bigots bold enough to say it out loud rather than quietly “like” it. Except, dear reader, how passive is it, truly, when Rowling knows we’re all watching now. She has, just 6 months ago, had to address her actions when the media inquired. It is no longer passive, these stamps of approval she continues to give on anti-trans think pieces… it’s aggressive, it is a statement, and it’s clear that she know longer cares if you realize it or not.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright phaylens@gmail.com https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

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