New LGB Alliance Aims to Evict Trans People From Activism

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A new organization recently announced by British barrister Allison Bailey that has unified with Anti-trans Hate Group Woman’s Place UK and postured itself to eliminate transgender women from equality activism in the name of feminism contributing to an increasingly hostile climate that has seen violent hate crimes against trans individuals spike more than 80% in the last year across the country and doubling across England and Wales.

Bailey introduced the formation of the organization via twitter last week calling it a “Historic moment.”

Across the United Kingdom, there has been a growing movement by self described “Radfems” or “Gender Critics” that has resulted in a staggering increase in online harassment and a significant push to distribute misinformation about transgender women, most notably accusing a fictitious Trans Lobby of advocating child abuse, threatening the safety of cisgender women and promoting lesbian erasure by virtue of the fact that some trans women identify their sexual orientation as lesbian.

It is of no surprise that the founding members of the LGB Alliance cite extremely transphobic right wing media, such as The Times and Sunday Times as prompting the development of the initiative. The Times and their body of journalists have come under fire for publishing a plethora of transphobic articles, fabricated stories and smear campaigns intent on feeding further prejudice into the public and political arena. That effort leverages social unrest to pit men and women, both gay and straight against transgender and non-binary communities.

While alleging the fear of erasure, the LGB alliance announces proudly that transgender, intersex and non-binary people simply do not exist. That “Sex is binary” despite mounting scientific evidence demonstrating otherwise.

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The controversial organization has seen support from some of the most notorious anti-trans figures in news media, beginning with The Times journalist Janice Turner, a cisgender straight woman who has devoted her bylines to the point of near obsession to sewing division between the LGBT community leveraging women’s fear and weaponizing ignorance. Turner has attacked transgender children’s charity, Mermaids, transgender athletes, trans suicide victims, LGBT organizations, such as Stonewall, and members of their committees that that are inclusive of trans identities and equality efforts. She has referred to Transgender individuals as a “Cult.”

That the LGB Alliance would open their arms to journalists who have used their platform to harm transgender folks is expected, if not altogether obligatory for such organizations anymore. Anti-Trans hate groups such as MumsNet, and Woman’s Place UK have locked arms with The Times in the past to espouse bigotry from their front pages. They form a symbiotic relationship, legitimizing unprovoked hatred and stoking unnecessary fear in order to bolster their numbers and bring people into alignment with their elitist world view. Currently, they’re crowdfunding their initiative to expand their initiative to, according to the fundraiser “

How far we’ve come from yet another kind of hate group preaching “” at us not so long ago.

Already, many supporters of the LGB Alliance are already asking the committee to go a step further and remove the “B” from their efforts, potentially leaving Bisexuals out in the cold as well.

Turner, who attended the first meeting of the LGB Alliance, claims that the new organization was triggered by ex-members of Stonewall who were displeased over their inclusion of transgender people, the promotion of trans rights and defected in protest. They make the claim, quite recklessly, that most nonbinary people are just confused butch girls and feminine boys, and that Stonewall promotes the wrongful conclusion that they are transgender when instead most simply turn out to be gay.

That is patently untrue, and there is no evidence to support this claim, but plenty to the contrary. Along with millions of others, my own existence stands as a contradiction to their statement. However, they don’t speak to people like me or trans people at all except to dehumanize us, otherwise they would have to be faced with the fact that their agenda is not born from a desire for women’s liberation or investment in their safety, but instead a deep-seated intolerance for transgender women they place targets on the backs of. It is hate shoe-horned into a declaration of goodness.

In an ironic twist, One of the speakers at LGB Alliance launch event was Gary Powell, a man who has actively allied with Anti-LGBT religious organization The Heritage Foundation against rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people in same-sex relationships to utilize a surrogate to establish a family. According to Powell’s profile, he has written for Public Discourse, a division of The Witherspoon Institute which staunchly opposes gay marriage.

Eagle-eyed twitter users began asking questions.

As it turns out, some of the LGB Alliance supporters… aren’t really supporters of the LGB in the first place. The whole idea to extract the T from the LGB was introduced at the far right, deeply religious Value Voters Summit back in 2017 as a means to weaken our community via division so our right would be easier to oppose thus leaving all if us vulnerable.

Unfortunately, here is yet another manifestation of yet another divisive group wholly dedicated to contributing to the onslaught of attacks and untruths thrust upon the transgender community and our supporters every day. Thankfully, there are those who recognize that every letter in the LGBTQ acronym remains under an ever-present threat by homophobic, transphobic and religiously motivated politicians angling to remove our hard-won rights. Every person who identifies with a letter in that acronym is experiencing elevated occurrences of violence. Gay men and lesbians are still being beaten in the streets. None of us are exempt from the ramifications of the bigotry of others. In the USA, LGBT rights are being negotiated again in the Supreme Court — an act that puts all of us at risk. These were rights that our community fought for together.

This is why we cannot be divided now.

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