New Film “Adam” is the Most Transphobic, Lesbophobic Film In Decades

“Ms. Schrag’s central anxiety is as transparent as it is tired: If I were only a trans man, I could get laid.

This refrain, along with “all the butches are transitioning!” are the political and observational equivalent to “all the Mexicans are coming to America and taking our jobs!”

The idea that sex is easier to have (or partners easier to find) when you’re a transsexual is preposterous, stupid, harmful, and transphobic.

Perhaps the saddest failure of Adam is that the topic of masculinity and sexuality is not an uninteresting one, nor is it unimportant. However, it is tremendously complex, and such a narrative would require a level of nuance that it is clear that Ms. Schrag fails to possess the talent to execute. In Adam, she has brought a cudgel to a scalpel fight.”

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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