Musician DeadMau5 Launches into Homophobic and Transphobic Tirade at Fans

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The Grammy nominated music producer, composer and DJ who dons a trademark Mouse Helmet on stage spiraled out of control when a fan simply asked if he sweats under the costume.

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As the tide of bigotry targeting the LGBT community becomes Americas “new normal,” even the most staunch fans of Deadmau5, whose real name is Joel Thomas Zimmerman, took him to task for his reckless remarks.

The best-selling performer and stage persona who draws crowds of thousands lashed out at a fan who innocuously asked if his neck became sweaty while performing in costume.

Deadmau5 responded by implying that if the fan were getting a $40,000 paycheck, he’d bet that he would “Suck a guy off. ZERO questions asked.”

Immediately, other fans wondered why he would draw such a comparison in a negative context, as if gay sex is something of an indignity or compromise to one’s better judgment.

As his comments began to draw ire from some of his 3.7 million followers, instead of clarifying his statement, he doubled down, this time taking a shot at transgender women. “Women don’t possess penises, you’ll find out when you’re older.” He sniped.

The message he sent was glaringly obvious; Gay sex is something you’d have to be baited into for financial benefit or otherwise set traditional, acceptable sexual standards aside. Turning both barrels on Transgender women after this was pointed out to him, he unexpected spat, “How many biological women have you sucked off? There, I fixed it.”

The fact that Deadmau5 has many fans who identify as LGBT seemed irrelevant to him. Instead of apologizing, he threatened to leave twitter due to the backlash that ensued.

Of course, this provoked more abuse towards his LGBT fans from others who decided his sudden departure was their fault for being overly sensitive or lacking a sense of humor. A common tactic used against minorities to manipulate them into being silent and thereby complicit in their own degradation.

One mother took to social media after the caustic remarks.

Only then did the performer offer up a disingenuous apology, claiming his statements were the result of a “Heated argument.” There was no heated argument. It was evident he took unnecessary exception to someone wondering if he became sweaty and leveraged that to ridiculous gay and transgender people.

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Deadmau5 is just a small part of a growing problem where musicians are routinely attacking the LGBT+ community in the lyrics to their songs (Nicki Minaj, Eminem) or in live social media videos (Cardi B)broadcast to their fans, many who are young, many who have diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. The influence these artists have does remarkable harm to those fans who feel immediately alienated and ostracized by their hateful, or, at best, careless inflammatory language regarding LGBT+ individuals. It further emboldens the hatred this community is subject to already and often the consequences are far reaching, leaving those fans feeling rejected, self-loathing and isolated from the artists more embraced fan base.

It left me wondering, we have a handful, sparse as they may be, of our, proud and influential LGB artists… but where are the idols for young transgender people? Where are the artists who stand as a reflection of themselves? Someone, perhaps, I needed as a young person so that I could see that, despite my circumstances, my potential was limitless. Someone like me that I could hang posters of on my wall and play on repeat. Someone who would have me on their side, in their audience and welcome me because they were like me.

That may not have existed for me or millions of other transgender folks, but for the youth of today, they have someone, thankfully, in the form of artist Kim Petras.

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The German born Petras has appeared alongside Charlie XCX and other iconic modern musicians and reviewers have dubbed her “The new princess of Pop.” On October 1st she released a themed, streamable album entitled “Turn Off The Light, Vol. 1” to much acclaim and is currently on tour with Troye Sivan.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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