Model Munroe Bergdorf Sees Partnership with Children’s Service Ruined by Transphobic Times Journalist

Phaylen Fairchild
6 min readJun 9, 2019

Janice Turner campaigned to have the transgender model removed from the campaign advocating child safety by falsely claiming she is a porn star.

I’ve had my fair share of dueling with The Times over their blatant and aggressive transphobic views that they place into circulation. Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who opposes transgender women —

you probably need to read that again, I’ll wait….

Debbie Hayton is a controversial transgender writer who has contributed to The Times and other publications and seemingly declares her loyalty to anti-trans hate groups like Mumsnet, An organization that accuses transgender women of being violent and argues that we should not be allowed to self-ID, medically support transgender children or be allowed in women’s spaces. These opinion are often the tent-pole of The Times transphobia. They use Hayton to validate their hate and believe if transphobia comes from Hayton herself instead of a cisgender writer, more people will consume it. Of course, Hayton has been hailed as a “Common sense” trans person, although the fanbase she has aggregated still loathe her existence but merely tolerate her as long as she continues to espouse hatred from within her own community.

Sadly, Debbie is just one weapon in their arsenal of journalists whose bias is evident on every page. In April, The Times was slammed by Trans activists for publishing four extremely transphobic articles, back to back, targeting transgender youth. One such article deemed trans children an “Experiment” just days after a trans child had been beaten and left with a concussion.

Katherine O’Donnell, a former editor of the Scottish edition of the Times, sued the…

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