Mitch McConnell Vows to Strike Down Equality Act

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People around the country are celebrating a bill that will be dead on arrival.

When the Equality Bill passed in the House of Representatives, liberal media lit up, posting rainbow flag, photos of people cheering and reveling in the fact that, like almost every other civilized country, the USA would follow suit by introducing our very own Equality Act which would prevent LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. It would make it illegal to fire someone, deny them housing, access to education, public accommodations, federal funding or credit/loans or adoption options based on their sexual orientation or gender status. It would protect LGBTQ+ Americans from being unjustly targeted in any industry or from any service based solely on their identity. The UK has had an Equality act since 2010, suffice it to say, America is a little behind.

But, as the media rejoiced upon the passage of the bill through the House of Representatives, which is majority Democrat, it seems they forgot that every bill they pass must, consequentially, be ratified by Senate… a Republican majority, deeply conservative Senate.

Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell recently dubbed himself the “Grim Reaper” post mid-term elections, after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in 2018. Explaining further, he vowed to obstruct any bill from the House that landed on the floor of Senate, purely out of spite. This is his blatant retaliation against the freshmen Democrats who swept the elections, effectively unseating dozens of Republicans and changing the balance of power.

Yet, the House of Representatives remain at the mercy of McConnell and the whole of the Republican Senate who aren’t interested in the betterment of America or the lives of their constituents, but instead, wielding their power like a sword of vengeance to assert their control and preserve their superiority while setting aside constitutional integrity to protect the President.

We will see Roe vs. Wade, which protected women’s right to agency over their own reproductive decisions instituted in 1973, be uniformly overturned by the Conservative Supreme Court. This will set women’s liberties and progress back forty years. Trump promised to do this during his campaign and, since his election win, has had the privilege of appointing 2 new hyper-conservative Supreme Court Judges, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, as well as over 100 judges in lower districts. The reason Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia introduced these new bills now is not a mere coincidence. They’ve been biding their time for Senate and the Supreme court to align politically and thus take a shape that would indisputably reflect their narrow world view.

Now is their opportunity to strike.

Up next on the Conservative agenda is the overturning of the landmark ruling Brown vs The Board Of Education, established by the Supreme Court in 1965 that ended the segregation of people of color from all-white schools. Given the radical extremism of Conservatives serving in Senate and on the highest benches of law who have demonstrated an oath to Trump over the US constitution, as well as the heightened social extremism and emboldened bigotry running rampant, the suggestion to reconsider segregating people of color from whites is already being tossed around by lawmakers.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade is their test bed. They know if they can succeed with obliterating a 40 year old ruling, all the other Supreme Court Rulings throughout history that ensure social equality or protect minorities from discrimination is fair game.

They’re willing to re-litigate historic rulings to manifest a new America that solely reflects and serves those on Capitol Hill and their most radical loyalists. Wealthy, white, straight, cisgender men who are exhibiting a desire for control over the rest of society by weaponizing our own legal system against us… making certain the system intended to protect us no longer works for us.

They already doing this.

On Monday, The US Supreme Court made the shocking ruling that overturned the 1979 case of Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt. Every conservative Judge on the bench effectively threw out the law that asserted that states do not hold sovereign immunity from courts in other states.

Other landmark cases in Republican crosshairs? Marriage Equality that allows LGBTQ Americans the right to marry a same-sex partner. Conservative Senators believe this will be easy to pick off. In fact, conservative lawmakers in Tennessee have started the ball rolling on redacting Gay Marriage rights.

All of this follows the new rulings that allow medical caregivers to legally deny LGBTQ+ Americans the right to lifesaving treatment citing moral or religious convictions without legal consequence.

When Senate shoots down the Equality act, LGBT Americans will be devastated, but knowledge is power. You must expect this; Don’t develop false hope. Expect it instead so that you may steel yourself from the tragic impact of seeing our existence, once again, be debated by those who will never allow us to be equal.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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