Man sick with Coronavirus Attends Weekend Party with Thousands

A New York City Man diagnosed with Coronavirus just 8 days ago, decided to throw caution to the wind and travel to the most heavily trafficked weekend destination event of the summer — Fire Island.

The Man in question has been identified as Corey Hannon, a flight attendant who posted openly about his diagnosis and his struggles with recovery on social media just days leading up to his vacation.

Naturally, this left his friends and family shocked to discover he was suddenly making the rounds at packed circuit parties and busy beaches over Independence Day weekend.

While Hannon is symptomatic, he could still be infections, and according to the hundreds of photos that have poured out from Fire Island parties, no one is wearing a mask or social distancing to curb the pandemic that has crippled New York City which could significantly inhibit the city’s recovery efforts, having once been the very epicenter of infection.

However, Hannon simply didn’t care. When his friends questioned him on his presence at parties beneath the pictures he was positing on social media, he began demanding they remove their comments calling him out and defending his right to infect others because gays were attacked, comparing the plight of Stonewall to Black Lives Matter.

When news of Hannon’s arrogance went viral, the greater queer community took him to task over his negligence and criticized him for going out among a community of people, some who could be dealing with underlying conditions that render them immunocompromised, Hannon said “I hope you all get f*cking COVID!”

Users on social media have dubbed Hannon, a gay man, “Typhoid Marrry,” as the LGBTQ+ community denounced him for endangering lives for the sake of a sex Holiday.

Sadly, Hannon isn’t the only Fire Island visitor to risk it all for a beach weekend. Giancarlo Kristian Albanese took to his Instagram to leave some incredibly defensive posts;

His Sister was the first to call out his reckless behavior, and pointed out that Albanese lives at home with two ailing parents- his Mother is receiving Chemotherapy and his Father is recovering from open heart surgery.

She made sure that he wasn’t coming home.

If you have attended any of the Fire Island festivities with Hannon, please pay careful attention to the status of your health and see a doctor immediately if you develop any symptoms.

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