Lawmaker Complains Holiday Gun Massacres Didn’t Happen at Pride

Phaylen Fairchild
4 min readJul 8, 2022

You know right off the bat, we’re talking about Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Yes, the Queen of Q-driven conspiracies is still spreading lies, misinformation and spewing hateful rhetoric to pull in massive fundraiser donations from her loyalists.

Greene, who is a Congresswoman for the State of Georgia’s 14th District and an outspoken Donald Trump loyalist has been a lightning rod for controversy since becoming lawmaker in 2020. The 48 year old has peddled extremist conspiracy theories tied to the Q-Anon movement, claimed that the deadly wildfires that ravaged California last year were the consequence of “Jewish space lasers,” pushed the debunked claim that the Presidential election was stolen from Trump in spite of exhaustive investigations across every state proving otherwise, and has aggressively attacked transgender people, even hanging up inflammatory signage outside her office in the Capitol Building- which is situated directly across from the office of Illinois Democrat Rep. Marie Newman, who has a transgender child. Greene was instrumental in sewing distrust in the COVID vaccine development and distribution, harassing both those in the public who advocated for it as well as her own colleagues in Congress and Senate.

Among countless other antagonistic, bigoted remarks routinely made at the expense of minorities, she was one of the most high profile figures that participated in encouraging the attack on government by Trump supporters on January 6th 2021. Due to her role in the terrorist effort to overturn the election results and endorsement of a coup, members of her state attempted to have disqualified from running for re-election and failed. An enthusiastic gun advocate, Greene has been caught on film harassing grieving families and teenaged survivors of school shootings.

Now, the infamous Congresswoman has found a new platform that hosts right-wing radicals and bigots; Once a simple startup that attempted to compete with YouTube for user generated video content, Rumble has grifted on extremist politics and divisive public figures that have been banned from other platforms. Rumble has become a safe harbor for hatred and division, even becoming an outlet for Russian state media earlier this year. Now it’s “Covid misinformation

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