Kavanaugh Appointment to Supreme Court Highlights GOP Smear Campaigns Against Trans People

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Watching the whole Republican Party smear women who have inconvenienced their agenda is chilling and all too familiar.

The three women who have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh have been attacked for coming forward. Needless to say, the unwavering support bestowed upon Kavanaugh- who will be sitting on the Supreme Court before midterm elections- has riled up the Trump fan base. They’ve called the victims horrific names, threatened their lives and attacked their families. Even conservative women who believe in biblical submission to Men have pointed missiles of abuse at the victims.

Senator Lindsey Graham, among dozens of other Republicans, has made a statement via twitter stating:

Let’s be clear, Graham and Co. would choose not to believe any woman who disrupted their political intention of hijacking the entire United States Government. Their goal to make America a one party system by harnessing every branch will ensure they control the direction of the Nation for generations. They won’t let a woman stand in their way, despite her credibility.

They’ve turned a blind eye to every accuser who has named Trump as a sexual predator. They’ve thumbed their nose at every woman who has spoken out against Republican senators like Roy Moore who Trump eagerly endorsed. They’re not concerned with cloaking their hypocrisy with morality claims anymore and they don’t care if we all stand witness to their crimes. The GOP have become a fraternity of withered, aged predators who protect each other at all costs.

As they dig in their heels to discredit any woman who might thwart their plans, they have revealed a long history of double speaking and demonizing of innocent people for corrupt gain.

A clear example of this are the constant, aggressive attacks toward the transgender community, primarily trans women.

Many of the Conservative Republicans who now express an overwhelming disinterest in the safety and dignity of women had a lot to say about those issues when it lent itself to their agenda.

The issue of Transgender women using the bathroom in public spaces became a hot-button issue in 2016. I reference specifically Transgender women because we were the ones explicitly targeted by the GOP. We were the ones characterized as “Perverse Men in dresses” who wished to use the bathroom with the sole purpose of preying upon their wives and daughters.

GOP candidates actually leveraged this smear campaign against trans women to headline their tickets. We saw commercials featuring terrifying looking men following little innocent girls into women’s bathrooms with nefarious intent. This is how we are being represented by our own government.

We are framed as abusers-in-waiting. Members of the Republican party feign shock and fear for women around the nation who might find us peeing the next stall despite there never having been a case where an attack by a transgender woman ever occurred. They make this up, posturing themselves as protectors of women and girls…

…Unless it presents a conflict of interest. The Republicans of the United States have now uniformly demonstrated that they have no concerns for the safety of girls or women if one of their own is accused. We’re told by Republican members of Senate that Judge Brett Kavanaugh is a “wonderful man” of integrity and the three (So far.) women who have come forward to tell their stories are all liars, and so are the many witnesses who have testified to the consistency of their reports going back years. Republicans are so desperate to silence these women that they’ve stuck their fingers in their own ears, with all of them refusing to speak to the second victim, Debbie Ramirez, or her attorney or permit an investigation into her claims.

Instead, they plan to have a rush vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a new Supreme Court Justice despite, now, another victim coming forward.

Suddenly, the rights and sexual safety of women don’t seem to matter. It didn’t matter to most of them who happily endorsed Trump, with 19 sexual misconduct accusers. It didn’t matter to them when , who had nine accusations from women, including one who, at the time of the incident, .

It was the 1940’s when Republicans used the same tactics to justify racial segregation, asserting that people of color in the same bathroom as white people presented an .

Yes, history does repeat itself. By now we should know that the GOP is a party whose ability to thrive in government relies on manifesting make-believe monsters which they peddle to the public. Then, they posture themselves as the only capable savior from the myths they’ve created.

They have no interest in women or their rights. In fact, Judge Kavanaugh’s unyielding support comes with the belief he will overturn historic judgements such as marriage equality and Roe vs. Wade- which will remove women’s sovereignty over their own bodies and put their sexual health in the hands of a male patriarchy.

The Republicans have only been consistent in proving that they take interest when it serves them in some form or fashion. They are not invested in gender equality, protections or even justice except when it comes in the form of an opportunity to hurt others. They create straw man arguments to convince their party members that segregation is best for the women and little girls of America; That transgender women are inevitable rapists.

And how could we forget that the majority of Republicans, including Lindsey Graham, voted against Marriage Equality claiming it would “Hurt families and children.”

Won’t someone think of the women and children?! Not Lindsey Graham who, in 2013, which supported the investigation and prosecution of violent crimes against women, imposed automatic and mandatory restitution on those convicted, and allowed civil redress in cases that biased prosecutors chose to leave unprosecuted to protect the attacker.

Minorities, including women, have been used by the Republican party as political pawns for decades all while having their human rights and dignities neglected. The Republicans only start spewing rhetoric about women’s safety when they want to vilify others. Otherwise, they ignore women, even maneuver to restrict their access to basic needs such as contraception while encouraging insurance providers to cover erectile support medications for men.

Trans women are tired of being thrown under the bus by Republicans who pretend their opposition of us makes them an advocate for women and children.


Being an advocate for women would require them to stop populating our government with sex predators. It would require they stop protecting sex predators. It means they would have to listen to women rather than use them as a political device to demonize others, entire communities, in fact.

My community.

I’ve watched them use women and little girls as shock value and to trigger fears where it is unfounded and all for their own selfish purpose. I’ve listened to them preach about the importance of protecting women and children while keeping one foot on the backs of their necks. This is the party that has tried to criminalize abortion, yet refuses to give any help or support to those born into poverty. Most even voted to outlaw gay adoption, thus denying children in need of a loving home.

It should be clear to everyone that the Republican Party is composed old men with antiquated belief systems who have one interest; Self.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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