Jeff Sessions Announces Religious Liberty Task Force as America Radicalizes

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It’s time we face it. Separation of Church and State in America is gone.

Between the newly founded Heath and Human Services Division of Religious Freedom and Conscience and Religious Liberties Act, and now the development of the Religious Liberty Task Force established by the US Government, America is radicalizing, and this is What it means for LGBTQ+ People.

Since the Election of Donald Trump, radical conservatives serving in official seats have been pushing for more aggressive religious based legislation. Now, they’re getting it. Everything from the inevitable reversal of Roe vs. Wade and marriage equality to repealing the Johnson Amendment which was put in place to prevent tax-exempt churches from donating to, or officially endorsing elected officials.

The American President spoke to radical- and massively wealthy- evangelist Pat Robertson, who has blamed everything from natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina to the stock market falling on gay people. Trump said to Robertson of his removal of the Johnson Amendment;

You probably need a moment. I know I did, especially when having to mentally negotiate the fact that my President was saying this to a delusional, dangerous manipulator of minds who has force fed his salvation starved audience of millions little pearls of wisdom, like this one, on feminism;

Now, glance back at Trump’s words to Robertson and his justification for repealing the Johnson Amendment which, thankfully, kept mentally ill people like Robertson from using his limitless cash to incentivise hate-laws. “…And I want to hear from you and others that we like.

“…that we like.

That, my friends, is absolutely terrifying.

You see, public servants and world leaders alike who are elected in any official capacity have an obligation to serve every single American. Indeed, even the Pledge of Allegiance that was once said in schools spoke of “ Liberty and justice for all.”

Not just the heterosexuals.

Not just white people.

Not just Christians.

Not just cis gender people.

The President and his legions of hysterical flagellants with specific world views have forgotten that whether he likes us or not is irrelevant. He has a job; With that job came an obligation to every individual in this Nation.

To call this new trend of hyper-Christianity with a Presidential stamp of approval problematic would be a vast understatement. What we’re observing is a clear and present danger to those of us who the President and his followers DON’T like… which is why we’re seeing a surge in public displays of racism toward non-white people, or those who communicate in languages other than English, attacks on LGBT individuals and those who subscribe to diverse religious beliefs.

Their concepts of all these new religious task forces and divisions is intended to push already marginalized communities further to the fringes, leaving them voiceless and powerless against the titan that is organized religion.

That said, we must be fair, Christianity no longer exists as a belief system, but instead a weaponized instrument leveraged to judge, persecute and punish those who cannot conform to its laws. Those laws are usually not followed by those who claim to be Christian themselves, but they don’t care. Their adherence to their own archaic rules is unstipulated. They just want to tell you what to do. Religion in this era equates control and enterprise. Modern Christians aren’t bothered by things like faith or charity, but instead mega churches and corporate alliances. The best they can manage are “Thoughts and Prayers” but have plenty of free time to attack a lesbian couple en masse for wanting a wedding cake. The audacity.

The new Christians are really a sect of people inhabiting the word and by proxy its definition in order to obtain and sustain a supremacy. Christians were, of course, responsible for the Native American genocide, the kidnapping and enslavement of Africans and their subsequent torture, rape and murder, alleging the color of their skin meant they were descendants baring the Curse of Ham. It was Christianity that kept women and girls away from education, employment, voting and even from preaching their own gospels since their primary role was to be a subservient hand maid to their husbands. It was Christians who opposed equality for black and LGBT Americans as they took up seats in congress and senate. Interestingly, many of the most aggressive anti-gay Republicans have famously been caught engaging in sexual acts with members of the same sex.

Guys like Wes Goodman, the notoriously anti-gay Ohio legislator who was caught having sex with another man in his office. The staunchly religious conservative didn’t let that fact that he’d been caught with his pants down deter him from using Christianity to keep his conservative constituents in his favor, but he eventually resigned.

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Yes, he certainly was. In your office and on taxpayer time.

But Goodman isn’t alone.

Randy Boehning, and christian Republican hailing from North Dakota who voted against gay rights was discovered on Grindr, the gay hook-up app, sending nude photos of himself to other men, cruising for sex.

North Carolina Republican Senate candidate Steve Wiles campaigned heavily on his anti-gay beliefs and his support of the state’s same sex marriage ban. Unfortunately for him, it was soon discovered that he had, a decade prior, been employed as a Drag Queen, Miss Mona Sinclair, at a gay bar and was living as an out gay man.

The list of GOP Lawmakers who condemn the LGBT community but are eventually caught being gay themselves goes on for miles. The louder they declare their Christianity and Conservatism, the more likely they are to be found in the dark shadows of a gay nightclub. Right Roy Ashburn?

The one thing all these GOP lawmakers have in common? They each describe themselves as Christian and run on that. Fellow christians just eat it up… because in their world, claiming to be a christian automatically means you’re a good person, just like they are… and you also wear MAGA hats while berating Mexicans in a restaurant demanding they leave your country- only to go home and spraypaint the N-Word on your black neighbors patio.

That’s what Christians do now. They ally against us- even if they’re one of us hiding for fear of being treated, well, like one of us.

And what of the Atheists, those who opt not to believe in a sky fairy who has his lambs at his feet (Kinda like how Lady Gaga has her ‘Little Monsters’, I guess Jesus had his lambs.) and ask they drink wine as a representative of his blood and bread as his flesh. I mean the bible has some amazing things, the parting of the red sea, Jonah living in the belly of the Whale… Atheists probably appreciate the creativity, but I’d presume wouldn’t want to live by God’s rule anymore than they would by Sauron’s from Lord Of The Rings.

…But we are supposed to make fun of Scientoligists who believe in the alien, Xenu- not to be confused with Xena: The Warrior Princess, right? There’s not much difference, really. The psychological damage done by Christians to their LGBT children or their daughters refused birth control who get pregnant and are kicked out of the family home to suffer their way through at 16 years old, that damage is real, but also, really unnecessary… and never something a Christian would do.

Yet, we’re falling under the rule of people who just want to say they’re better than you or I. They’re more entitled to unobscured happiness than you or I. They should have rights and privileges that you and I would be ceremoniously denied. That is not Christianity, folks. That is Narcissism, and it’s a mental disorder. From the World Health organization, classification F608:

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Christianity has evolved into more a mass delusion than a deeply held personal conviction applied only to oneself. It’s used to sell us politicians and a surefire way for the declaring politician to win a powerful seat. That’s simply because voters who also view themselves as Christian see them as members of the same club. The “Be like Me” syndrome.

Lately we’ve seen voters and politicians alike campaign for pedophiles, sexual predators, rapists instead of a candidate who has expressed a desire for equality for women, minorities or access to healthcare for the poor. That’s right, they’d rather fill a seat with a monster rather than risk the rest of us who they “Don’t like” potentially standing on an even playing field. They must oppress someone lest they lose their self-appointed throne.

That’s the agenda behind all of these new Religious Freedom initiatives. In reality, one which the President and his congregation do not occupy, there has always been freedom of Religion which is approximately why America has such an ugly, bloody history.

And that bloodshed is ours, those of us who suffered no freedom from religion.

Written by

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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