HYPOCRISY: Trump’s Newly Created Division Endangering LGBT Americans just Backfired

You know the story already. Trump’s formation of the new Heath and Human Resources arm called the New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division is designed to protect business owners and medical caregivers, including first responders, who refuse to serve LGBTQ+ Americans, by claiming religious or moral objection. The founding of this division shields these professionals in the public service sector from any accountability or legal action should they turn someone away that they have a hate motivated bias against.

What they didn’t expect is how the interpretation would be received by the public. While we understand fully what Religious objection means- anyone can discriminate as long as they use religion as a safety net to buffer legal retaliation, how, exactly, is moral objection defined?

Sarah Sanders found out. She found herself removed from a privately owned eatery this week by the owner of the Red Hen, in Lexington Virginia, citing a moral objection to her hateful propaganda on behalf of Donald Trump, defense of inhumane atrocities and barrage of lies told daily to the press while at the same time attempting to discredit their reporting. Her affiliation with one of the most dangerous Presidents in American History that has rolled back protections against young Trans students, funneled money away from black communities to white, private institutions, and held immigrants separated from children- a policy she voraciously defended- in concentration camps. Sanders, who is the face of the White House, is responsible for the messages delivered to the public. Like Melania, she just doesn’t care.

I am not surprised that some good citizens, business owners, have asked her to leave their establishments, refusing to serve someone whose participation in deceiving the nation has been relentless.

The Division of New Conscience and Religious Freedom saw the Supreme Court rule in favor of a bigoted bakery who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple- seemingly sanctioning acts of discrimination against a minority based on an exercise of religious freedom. An unwitting consequence of that courts decision and the policies instated by by the new Health and Human Resources directly reference “Conscience” and “Moral objection” also which, thanks to legalese, doesn’t exclusively protect the religious zealots who it is intended to shield from any recourse.

It also protects the owner of the place that chucked Sarah Sanders out onto the street due to the owners Moral or “Conscience” objections to the grotesque, divisive and damaging policies she has peddled for Trump who pushes her to a podium each day to deflect, lie or outright refuse to answer any questions from the press. Her affiliation with the State of Hate- The New America- does indeed make her subject to social accountability in the public sector- and like the Bakery, protects the Red Hen for refusing service to a member of a regime that has hurt and disenfranchised so many vulnerable minorities via it’s divisive, hateful rhetoric and executive order. She is, like the bakery, entitled to morally object, just as the baker was told by the Supreme Court, he could do so religiously.

Morality- or “Conscience” isn’t exclusive to religion. More often than not, we just don’t need a book to navigate between right and wrong, or appreciate what harms or helps our fellow Americans or people seeking such status. Faith doesn’t exist anymore as Organized Religion, now heavily politicized, has occupied its place in America. Scripture like “Love thy neighbor,” Or “Do Unto Others As you would have them do Unto you,” have been tossed in the garbage or labeled liberal tears. Scriptures for snowflakes. They don’t lend themselves to the radicalist agendas of the hate-mongers and self appointed moral superiors who who want a white, wealthy, male, christian, heterosexual, cisgender only America. They keep creating laws and policies to protect themselves, to glorify themselves, and if you fall outside those goal posts, to strip you of your basic human rights and relegate you to second class citizen.

I am grateful to people like the owner of the Red Hen who, despite being in a minority of those who will place themselves in a position to be attacked due to their form of protest, did it anyway.

Every member of the Trump administration, from Jeff Sessions who enacted the Zero Tolerance policy that saw immigrant families separated, and his effort to exclude Transgender Americans from the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to Stephen Miller who drafted it to start with, along with all those Republican members of congress who have already built an impenetrable wall around their divine leader as he disrupts the quality of life for millions of others who were struggling anyway- they should all be rejected by those with a moral conscience- wherever they go.

So should his thralls of alt-right supporters and state sanctioned propaganda media like Fox News who recently saw a boycott by their own media creators for their inability to be unbiased or deliver the actual news instead of misinformation with the intention of idolating a modern day dictator. Fox News is the only real Fake News on television. They will not criticize this administration or admonish the cruel, unjust orders it enforces that damage millions. Servants to the state, that is Fox News, no different than the curated new of North Korea sanctioned by Kim Jong Un who controls the narrative delivered to audiences as inarguable. No. It’s indefensible.

This controversy is following suit with the botched immigration policy. Trump and his flagellants are blaming everyone else, accepting no responsibility, and are downright outraged that their own New Conscience and Religious Freedom policies can be used, not just to protect them, but to protect us in the civilian sector from being obligated to compromise our own morality and serve them while they systematically undermine all that once made America great.

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright phaylens@gmail.com https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

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