Humans are the abortion that you needed.

You’re slowly dying from carrying us. You have no voice to protest as we stain your soils with the blood of war

You have no voice to scream as we burn your forests, leaving you naked and scarred in the wake of our machines.

The life-giving waters of which your are made, those water that once shimmered with opulence are now blackened by our waste.

Your breath is labored from the unforgiving pressure and you heave, choked from the air we’ve sapped from your lungs to call our own.

Your natural miracles, from the Great White Rhino to the smallest grass fly- gone forever. Poisoned. Poached. Destroyed by the hubris of your infection.

You have lost sovereignty over your own body. Your affliction has drawn upon your flesh invisible lines, staking claim to your parts, dividing you into pieces for excavation and plunder.

Your value is debated on floors cut from your own skin, painted with the arrogance of territorial symbols by those who have lost sight of their own mortality and take yours for granted.

Your body is riddled by a parasitic infection that at once kills both you and itself with neither conscience or remorse.

You were was once beautiful, in your life before us…

Your vast horizons fade into cities that reach skyward, your rivers flow lifeless, your savannas eerily quiet. Yet, you still breathe.

As we drill into you bones and leech your marrow, building an exoskeleton of pipelines running the length of your body, they are emboldened by your quietude.

How easy it is, Mother, to lull ourselves with false securities and delusions of grandeur as we celebrate our superiority while still you turn.

You give us each day, while our blind intent will drive you into darkness and deliver you- and then us, to an ultimate death. An end most cannot imagine.

I’m sorry we broke you.

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright