Graham Linehan’s Terrifying Transgender Obsession

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The British writer/comedian has made inciting violence and hatred toward transgender women a full time job via social media.

The 50 year old has become better known for his relentless twitter attacks on trans women- and those in the LGBT community who ally with them- than any of his former career achievements, one of which includes creating the beloved classic comedy sitcom “Father Ted.”

Ever since the proposal to reform the Gender Recognition Act in 2018 which would allow transgender individuals to self identify and receive legal recognition of their proper gender without the restrictive requirements previously in place that obstructed comfortable medical and social transition, Linehan has postured himself as one of the most vocal antagonists of transgender women on the platform. To an audience of over 650,000 followers, Linehan has made a practice of parroting misleading information, posting fear-mongering, anti-trans statements and attacking anyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation and even age (He has openly attacked Transgender children) who attempt to inform or correct his dangerous erroneous statements and open any meaningful dialog.

One of his favorite targets is Linda Riley, the out lesbian editor of Diva Magazine and Board director of the GLAAD organization. Riley has been a strong ally for the Transgender community and made great strides in dispelling myths created by people like Lineham which are intended to make cisgender women fear transgender women. Riley has worked tirelessly to unify the lesbian and transgender community of women who also identify as lesbian, acknowledging that gender identity and sexual orientation are unrelated to one another. A trans woman can, in fact, also be a lesbian, or straight, or asexual, bisexual or polyamorous. Riley has gone to great effort in her career to demonstrate that affording the rights to one letter of the LGBT acronym does not result in the removal of said rights from another.

Because of Riley’s support of the inclusion of trans women, she found herself placed firmly in Linehan’s crosshairs. Her refusal to condemn all transgender women, label them perverted men donning dresses to assault innocent women and children in private dressing rooms and public bathrooms, or preemptively convict them of crimes they’ve never committed, minority report style, infuriated Linehan. He dubbed her a Transgender sympathizer.

Linehan posts upwards of 20 times a day, and every single post rests solely on one topic… his staggering hatred of transgender women. His twitter account appears to be devoted entirely to targeting this community and inspiring attacks against us. He has introduced himself as the Great Straight Male Hope of women, especially lesbians, who he works diligently to convince suffer indelibly as a result of transgender women being allowed to exist. To the Trans exclusionary radical feminists, he has become something of a hero. To the rest of us, it’s clear that Linehan has done nothing more than leverage the ignorance and prejudices of others in order to amass an army of bigots who join him in his twitter tirades.

As Linehan presumed himself the spokesperson for lesbians around the globe- a misogynist maneuver if ever there was, ironically- Riley asked him to stop speaking on behalf of lesbians and allow them their own platform. Not an unreasonable request as Linehan has been literally propelling their opinions and statements- except they weren’t theirs… they were his. In response, Linehan posted a poll on his twitter timeline that immediately blew up in his face.

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And there the truth sat before him. Most lesbians have no desire to be locked in a culture war with transgender women for the benefit of Linehan, nor do they feel compelled to exist in a state of perpetual unrest beneath the shared umbrella of LGBT activism simply to pander to his blatant bigotry. Most women know that Linehan’s rapid fire attacks on transgender women are not motivated by any desire to protect them, but instead to exact his own brand of vengeance and ceaseless bullying of an already vulnerable group of innocent people.

They refused to co-sign his targeted hatred or enable what has become a disturbing obsession Linehan has with transgender women altogether. Make note- Linehan never references transgender men in his missives which only further exposes his explicit interest in transgender women. He has mocked the disproportionate number of transgender suicides, berated lesbians who stand in support of transgender women and launched a barrage of scathing insults toward women who question his unhealthy fixation with trans women altogether claiming they are “Siding with their oppressors”

The reality is, women do not require Graham Linehan or any man to push them from their own platform so that he can do the talking for them. Nor do they require informing on what they should be worried about or who they should rail against. Linehan, despite it being demonstrated for him over and over again via his own vanity polls, refuses to concede that women are smart enough to speak for themselves. He prefers to believe women are fragile and dim-witted, so they must need him.

But, it is Linehan that needs them, actually. His efforts to develop a fanbase around his manufactured “Truths” intended to provoke outrage among women and lesbians while grooming them for his own makeshift war against transgender folks only elevates his status and serves his very personal agenda. He does this while convincing his followers that he is doing it for them… and that is masterful deception.

There is only one individual here guilty of misogyny and it isn’t your transgender neighbor… It’s Graham Linehan. The Alex Jones of the LGBT world- and he’s not even LGBT. He simply enjoys spewing rhetoric, complaining about transgender women and encouraging lesbians to pick up their proverbial swords to fight us so he can sit back and watch from his lofty perch. But even the worst of our society has varied on their targets. Katie Hopkins, for example, has said abhorrent things about everyone from overweight people to immigrants. Linehan, however, has zeroed in on one community with an alarming intensity, and he’s using women as his pawns.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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