Fringe Researchers Gaining Fame by Smearing Trans Women

Phaylen Fairchild
11 min readSep 3, 2021

Some researchers appear to have more compassion for pedophiles than transgender women.

A notable researcher on Twitter with over 26,000 followers has leveraged anti-trans sentiments to incite public hostility toward trans women. Ray Blanchard, PhD, at 75 years old is a renowned sexologist whose studies have led him to place transgender women firmly in his crosshairs. Wielding his PhD like a weapon, Blanchard and others earn trust in their derogatory theories that are clearly compromised by deeply personal prejudices. Recently, they have become champions of extremists, such as the Gender Critical subsect of feminists and anti-trans radicals hoping to salve their conscience regarding their relentless harassment and abuse of transgender women, especially on social media.

Blanchard, and researchers like him, are dangerous. More and more transgender women participating in social media conversations and enduring the onslaught of abuse hurled at them daily are finding Blanchard’s words ensconced in the hate campaigns used to smear them.

His hypotheses are archaic, at best, and rooted, less in science, and more his determination to categorize transgender women as sexual deviants or even a homophobic cabal intent on suppressing gays and lesbians, essentially strong-arming LGB individuals into submission. He works by finding an instance or event involving a transgender identifying person who fits his model, says something objectionable or worthy of critique and holds them up before his social media audience as representative of trans ideology, as if we all operate from a specific manual and experience- no independence from one another. He has introduced us as a sort of religion, and not human beings from a very diverse experience.

Even more concerning is that Blanchard is a proponent of the junk science that brought us the idea of “ROGD” or Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria; A term coined in 2016 by another researcher, Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University, whose heavily criticized research was found to be inadequate and resulted in the esteemed university releasing a statement after it was removed from circulation until it could be significantly revised. The Gender Dysphoria Affirmative Working Group(GDA) issued an open letter to Psychology Today, highlighting the fact…

Phaylen Fairchild

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