Famous Transphobe Asks Followers What Price They’ve Paid For Being Transphobic and the Results are Shocking

Phaylen Fairchild
6 min readDec 10, 2019

Graham Linehan, a once beloved writer and now one of the UK’s most aggressively transphobic citizens who uses twitter to perpetuate myths and propagate fear regarding transgender women has a congregation of over 600,000 followers that he thought-leads daily.

Linehan, who has developed a disturbing years long obsession with transgender identities- so much so that his entire twitter is devoted to opposing them- has aggregated a battalion of outraged men and women by posturing himself as a feminist superhero to women who he has managed to convince live in a state of perpetual danger because transgender women exist.

As one of the high profile, front-facing leaders of the “Gender Critical” movement (Gender Critical is an intellectualized term they’ve coined to replace Transphobe.) Linehan campaigns heavily to vilify transgender women as perverts, probable rapists and a certain threat to all vulnerable cisgender women and girls who might be unfortunate enough to find themselves in our company. Along with his followers, they dedicate an ample amount of time to abusing and harassing transgender women, both young and old on social media. They stick to the same, traditional tactics practiced by most TERFS by calling them names, deliberately misgendering them, mass reporting their profiles when they defend themselves, threatening them and otherwise attempting to bully them off the platform.

Linehan himself was once given an formal police warning after targeting a transgender woman, dead-naming her and dog-whistling his followers to attack her, whereupon they found her private information, including old photos that they used in a malicious pile-on to assist in his cruel provocation.

Linehan and his “Gender Critical Mafia” have themselves convinced that this abuse is necessary to protect women only spaces from the monsters he has illustrated transgender women to be. Thus, they are ruthless and believe their mission to endanger transgender women is not bigoted, but instead an act of feminist justice.

Phaylen Fairchild

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