Famed Institute Warns US is Leaning Into Trans Genocide

Phaylen Fairchild
6 min readMar 31

The Lemkin Institute was founded in the name of Polish attorney Raphael Lemkin who coined the term “Genocide” in 1943.

Five years later, Lemkin saw the United Nations establish the Genocide Convention- the first human rights treaty- also known as the “Never Again” doctrine among the international community- signed collectively in the aftermath of the Holocaust.

The Lemkin Institute has acted as an establishment dedicated to the prevention of Genocide within the global community, making a warning statement when one community is targeted with the kind of rhetoric and propaganda that has historically led to the tragic consequences of mass murder.

In November, the Lemkin Institute issued a dire warning to the United States regarding its accelerating Gender Critical Movement and the onslaught of anti-trans legislation sweeping across America following the reign of Donald Trump and his acolytes serving from posts of law-making power. The statement highlights the divisive strength of thought-leaders and evangelical zealots influential in politics who are responsible for destabilizing society and leveraging religion along with systems of belief to weaponize the law against Transgender Americans to make their survival impossible.

While we may not be staring down gas chambers and firing squads, the more modern approach to Genocide is the absolute denial of basic human rights and the deliberate fostering of a culture rife with ignorance, fear and intolerance. Using legislation, Republicans have already blocked access to life saving healthcare, banned transgender people for participating in sporting events and in some states like Florida and Tennessee, Lawmakers have ordered teachers to out suspected trans youth to their parents while in other states, parents who try to help their trans child seek medical attention can be jailed for child abuse. The ultimate goal is to whip up such a hysteria around the transgender community that their safety is at risk. Conservatives in states across the USA want to remove transgender people from being protected by anti-discrimination laws, making it legal to fire them for being trans, as well as deny them emergency medical services citing religious beliefs, refuse to serve transgender people at public business facilities or ban them from using public bathrooms, where they risk arrest and incarceration. It would be legal to evict trans people from their homes, refuse to hire them for jobs and thus…

Phaylen Fairchild

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