Evangelical Conservatives Preaching That Trump is Fulfilling Biblical Prophecy

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The conservative christian community has doubled down on declaring Trump the harbinger of Armageddon which, according to the Bible, will trigger the second coming of Jesus Christ.

In fact, it’s spreading across the globe as the christian core of Trump’s vastly loyal base give bullet pointed sermons on Trump’s directives as President of the United States. He has promised them that he was “Returning Government to God” which was met with enthusiastic applause during his controversial appearance at the Value Voters Summit last year. At the summit, he stood on stage alongside radical Christian ministers who have openly declared that homosexuality should be criminalized, and gay men and women burned alive as they distributed anti-gay pamphlets. Trump’s presence- and applause- seemed a terrifying indication of his approval of such horrific ideologies. However, it played well for Trump who maintains a keen awareness that these are the people who will vote for him again, ensuring his second term in office.

He followed that up by instituting a National Day of Prayer, which he led from his seat in the Oval Office. “Faith is more powerful than government, and nothing is more powerful than God,” he said. Ironically- if irony exists anymore- this came on the same day that he admitted to reimbursing his attorney, Michael Cohen, for paying an adult film star 130,000 dollars in return for signing a non-disclosure agreement intended to keep her from discussing their extra-marital affair that occurred shortly after his wife gave birth to their only Son. All of that is moot, if you ask a Trump Supporter, because he is doing the Lord’s work.

More recently, and despite international protest from foreign leaders, he proclaimed Jerusalem the definitive capital of Israel and moved the American Embassy there, which immediately inflamed the already tense relationship between Israel and Palestine resulting in Israel launching missiles on Palestinians in a reinvigorated conflict. To many Americans, the consequential war that erupted, due to our own leaders unilateral actions, seemed unconscionable. To his base, they believe he is building a stairway to heaven through divine guidance and making way for the Rapture.

On the home front, Trump has further appealed to his base by launching a war on the Transgender community, rescinding protections that provided them safe access to things like education and healthcare. He banned the word “Transgender” in any communication to or from the Center for Disease Control, the agency intended to document and research the needs of this increasingly vulnerable community. He has lauded white supremacists, reassuring a national audience that some Nazis were “Fine people.” He has supported extremist Christians running for seats in senate… people like Roy Moore, who had once been banned from a local mall for harassing underage girls. He also said homosexuality should be illegal. Regardless, Moore declared himself a Christian and a Trump fan, and that’s all Trump needed to hear. Having Moore in a senate seat guaranteed he would vote in his favor on any issues he presented.

This is, after all, how Trump built his wall.

Indeed, Trump already has his much touted wall, but it doesn’t lay on the southern boarder. It’s comprised of his loyalists, those willing to sacrifice their own integrity to protect him; They are the blocks in this wall, and their shared desire to keep power in the hands of the Republican party at any cost is the mortar holding them all together. They avert their eyes to accusations of sexual misconduct, his failure to divest in his businesses or show his tax returns, his corrupt activities involving paying multiple women hush money to cover up his affairs and they scoff at the mention of Russian collusion or election meddling, despite 17 different intelligence agencies determining it happened. They stick their fingers in their ears as he mocks the disabled and strips away their financial securities, or as he calls women “Fat Slobs” and other colorful names or crudely references their menstruation in an effort to demean them. He retweets content from hate groups that promote violence toward Muslims. He agitates leaders of hostile countries by insulting them, rather than enact any measurable diplomacy efforts. He’s been caught lying an average of six times a day, according to fact checkers.

But his greatest achievement has been in discrediting those who deliver the facts, specifically news agencies and journalists, accusing them of being purveyors of “Fake News.” By his own statement, Fake News is defined as anything critical of him, or anyone who dares present evidence, facts or point out his shortcomings- such as his difficulty with honesty. His base falls into formation and agrees, resulting in grave damage to press agencies. Of course, Fox News, the station which hosts some of Trump’s strongest allies in media, is the only credible source of information, if you ask him. He appears on it regularly as the anchors laugh giddily and fawn all over him like teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert. Fox News is state sanctioned news now, although it hasn’t been made official, it is undeniable the power he leverages there to funnel news and information that only portray him as the most successful, honest, strong-willed and unjustly victimized President in history. He thanks them frequently on twitter. Another brick in his wall.

Trump established the Heath and Human Resources division called “Conscience and Religious Freedom Division” which will allow medical professionals like Emergency room doctors, nurses and paramedics the right to refuse to administer potentially life-saving treatments to gay, lesbian or transgender patients, citing moral or religious objection. This was met with great approval from his hardcore religious base, winning him even more points, and votes come the next election.

As the last two years have unfolded in the Trump administration, he has proceeded to undo every good thing the President before him had achieved in pursuit of equality, social justice and progress. There is no question that Trump hated his predecessor, the nation’s first Black President, Barack Obama. He compares himself to the former President often, claiming how much better he is, how much more he has done in less time. Prior to his presidency, Trump himself attacked President Obama, starting a smear campaign that claimed the then President wasn’t qualified to serve in his capacity because he was born in Kenya. He started a movement of people called “Birthers” who believed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our President was not American. After President Obama showed his birth certificate to quell the chaos incited by Trump who continued to antagonize him, he still wasn’t satisfied. No matter which way you look at it, Trump has proven that he is undeniably racist. He wouldn’t have attacked a white president, or challenged their origin of birth. His insistence on weighing his achievements against Obama’s- even going as far as to lie or take credit for things President Obama did, demonstrates his absolute need to be superior to the former President, solely because he is Black. Two years into his Presidency, Trump is still insulting him, minimizing his achievements, and destroying his legacy at the expense of millions of Americans, simply because he needs you to believe he is better at being President than a Black Man was.

Every time he fires up his social media to hurl insults at Obama, his base jumps in line to follow suit. He has millions of wingmen that back him up at any opportunity. They will yell louder than the minorities they attack, they organize with tactical precision and fight more aggressively, calling names, slinging insults and threatening anyone who questions or criticizes their Leader until the other side gives up and goes silent. More bricks in Trump’s wall.

In 2017, The Pope himself came out to scold the Trump administration for what he called “Evangelical fundamentalism” and “Apocalyptic geopolitics” whose roots are “not too far apart” from that of Islamist extremism.

Indeed, Trump has emboldened racism in America in a way we have not seen in decades. He has also stirred the ire of the homophobic, misogynist bigots who have done things like rip off a woman’s Hajib in a subway while insulting her, calling her a terrorist. He provokes fear of the non-Christians, of people of color (He called Mexican immigrants drug dealers, murderers and rapists) or Transgender Americans- anyone who has fell under the boot of the Bible, historically, are finding themselves there again, in their ancestors shoes.

That these minorities no longer live in an America that counts them among its own, thanks to Trump, we’re seeing instances of violence toward these vulnerable people spike to record highs.

This is America returning to it’s Christian roots. And it’s absolutely terrifying to watch. But, we are expendable in Trumps 2020 bid for Presidency. He doesn’t need us. We’re either not white, not wealthy, not christian, not straight or cisgender, not male… and that disqualifies us from his mercy. As exiles from his base, we’ll be sacrificed like lambs, stripped of our rights, demonized by our own government that propagates hatred and intolerance of us “Others” while his base cheers him on- all for the sake of restoring a “Moral Nation to the hands of God.”

The increase of police brutality against Black men, the violent, unprovoked attacks by Trump supporters against gay men and women in the streets, the brutal murders of Transwomen of color; It should come as no surprise that the statistics of anxiety, depression and suicide within these communities are skyrocketing. The Christian Nation, which for many years preached love, acceptance, and used the Bible as a moral compass to qualify themselves as “Good People” has turned them into savage gatekeepers determining our ability to thrive in America today…

And it will not get any easier. Trump is already campaigning for re-election. His new slogan was unveiled recently. “Keep America Great.”

Great for who?

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