#DropTheT: The Movement Intended To Alienate Transgender Women From Pride is Gaining Momentum

Phaylen Fairchild
4 min readJun 3, 2018

By now you may have seen the hashtag #DropTheT trending on twitter in the days leading up to Pride Month. It was started by lesbian radical feminists (Or Radfems) as an effort to violently excise Transgender participation and presence at global pride events.

The most worrisome development is how some LGB folks have adopted the hashtag, joining forces with the feminists, openly expressing that the inclusion and support of Trans individuals at pride events is “Setting back the movement,” accusing us of violence against women.

While supporters of the alienation of trans women are still advocating for the inclusion of lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals, the resistance to embracing trans identifying folks is a growing trend.

Because of the swell of support that #DropTheT has experienced over the last few days, many Trans men and women have expressed fear regarding their attendance at Pride events as even their closest allies have urged them to use caution should they opt to go to the celebrations.

Jumping on the bandwagon are legions of “De-Transitioners”- people who at one point in their life decided to begin the process of transitioning and then stopped. Perhaps they felt it wasn’t the right path for them and changed their mind- a decision completely within their right- no one can tell you who you are. Some went too far before coming to that conclusion; They transitioned and then experienced bigotry and isolation as a consequence, resulting in regret and self hatred. These people are also encouraging the community to eliminate transgender people from the movement for equality claiming they are “self mutilating” yet still claiming a right to access Pride.

Even while the horrifying #DropTheT hashtag has climbed the ranks of visibility, it is indeed satisfying to see so many lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer allies who have stormed their…

Phaylen Fairchild

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