Chasten Buttigieg’s Brother is a Trump Supporter out to Destroy Mayor Pete’s Bid For Presidency

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Rhyan Glezman is the kind of opportunist that feels all to familiar.

We’ve often seen distant family members of celebrities suddenly rise to the surface for a bit of roll-off fame. It happened to Meghan Markle, whose mostly absent Father and Step-Sister desperately tried to mar her character when they discovered the actress was marrying the Prince of England. They went on a tour across two continents as they wallowed in the limelight, guzzling any attention on offer as they made the past of England’s future Duchess's public business.


Rhyan Glezman is cut from that same cloth. Glezman is the brother of Presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig’s husband, Chasten. He appeared on FOX News recently with host Laura Ingraham to make the claim that Chasten has been telling porkies about his past, and of course that means Glezman, a born again christian Pastor, must set the record straight… live on the most hostile, homophobic network on television, and to a talk show host that has attacked the LGBT community, the immigrant community and, well, basically anyone who isn’t white, straight, cisgender and male.

That’s right: FOX News. The irony here, in a strange twist of fate, Ingraham’s own brother is gay and has publicly denounced her hateful rhetoric, dubbing her “A monster.”

Maybe this sit down between Ingraham and Glezman was a perfect pairing after all.

Glezman maintained not a shred of emotion as he accused his newly famous brother of mischaracterizing his family and the conditions of his upbringing to harvest political favor.

Chasten shared some of his coming out journey during a speech at an HRC Gala; “When I was 18-years-old I worked up the courage to tell my parents that I was gay. And while we have a great relationship now, back then things weren’t easy,” he said.

And that’s true. His Mother and Father often travel with Chasten to events around the country… so here I am, waiting for the lie that the big bad big brother insists he expose…

Chasten is the youngest son of three boys who grew up far away from the political spectacles of Washington DC; Instead he was brought up in a working-class family in Traverse City, Michigan.

He remained closeted throughout school, but came out the summer after his high school graduation. Upon telling his family that he was gay, Chasten faced a consequence that so many LGBTQ youth fear the most as a result- rejection.

He left home soon after, sleeping in his car and staying with friends off and on until his Mother reached out for reconciliation and invited him back into the family home, much to the protest of Chasten’s two older brothers who still refuse to acknowledge him. I’m sure these two make family holidays an absolute joy.

The Glezman Brothers remind me of the wicked Stepsisters from Disney’s Cinderella. They’re enraged that their lowly gay brother, who is far less qualified than them for God’s blessings, has wormed his way into such a high profile position and has the nerve to talk about the faith that they claim ownership of.

Those poor, pitiful Glezman brothers.

While Chasten and his Parents have made amends, oldest brother Rhyan is determined to put a dent in Mayor Pete’s Presidential bid by using Chasten- and his religion- to vilify the couple.

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The problem with Christians like Rhyan is that they equate hate slinging with the love of Jesus that only they have the power to bestow. It is a holy commodity reserved explicitly for themselves, and those they deem worthy enough to share it with. They think their hate is love and their betrayal of family or a loved one is sanctioned, nay necessary to maintain status with the guy in the sky. He also plans to ride the coattails of Chasten’s newly discovered fame… by denying being exactly who Rhyan, himself, has demonstrated himself to be. A fame chasing bigot.

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You ever notice how these people loathe being called a bigot? All of them. It’s quite bizarre how truly sensitive the men and women who shout words I wouldn’t even type at two men holding hands somehow take umbrage with being labeled a bigot. Racists hate being called racists. TERFs hate being called TERFs… there’s a theme here.

Saddest of all is how smug Rhyan Glezman is, when asked if he would vote for his brother’s husband in an election, sat back, smirked, folded his hands and said…

“Trump 2020.”

In that moment, my heart broke for Chasten Buttigeig and his brother hyan showed his entire hand. I realized that the world now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his Brothers are hypocritical fanatics who would rather him fail than succeed and only because they think his difference in belief renders him undeserving of happiness or success… Certainly when up against the paragon of virtue that is president pussy-grabber, repeat adulterer, hush money payments to porn star paying, disability mocking, calls Nazi’s some “Fine people” while branding Mexicans rapists and murders…. this is preferred over his own Brothers, and all because he happens to be gay.

How many of us see ourselves in this story- a family that wants us to lose and laughs when we fall? That’s if they bother to stick around long enough to see where you fall. Many simply opt for a one way ticket out of our lives, and they do so in the Name of Christ. Oddly, when success or attention is found, those same family members suddenly find a revolving door to either reopen the wounds the left you to lick, or to pretend they’re anxious to help when they really just plan to sell stories about you to the media or leverage your desire for their acceptance and distort it for their own benefit. If they aren’t getting something out of it, they don’t usually stick around.

So Christian of them.

Thankfully, not all Christians subscribe to this practice, just my own family, and clearly Chasten Buttigeig’s and maybe yours, too. However, there is a faction of Christians out there that have actually read the Bible and practice what it preaches without demanding you do the same, or denouncing your existence if you don’t think like they do, believe like they do, behave like they think you should… some Christians are more worried about the quality of their own lives and relationship with Christ than they are yours… I say that like it’s uncommon, maybe it’s not, but I’m still surprised when I meet a Christian willing to mind their own damn business.

It will be painful for those of us who have had a relationship with familial rejection to watch the Glezman Brothers campaign against their youngest brother and attempt to malign the efforts of he and his Husband, claiming it’s the Christian thing to do. So many of us have had the name of Christ weaponized against us, but it’s hard to watch it happen to someone who should be on top of the world and anxious to change it for the better. Watching their very own family come from the sidelines with a trip wire out of sheer jealousy is unsettling, at best.

No one knows that disheartening reality more than the LGBT community.

Fortunately, Chasten seems to have managed to maintain strong relationships with both his Mother and Father, as he recently tweeted:

This all makes big brother Glezman’s accusation of Chasten manufacturing stories about his youth less likely to be fiction, and more likely a glaring indication that Glezman is wholly consumed by his own bitterness and resents that his gay brother turned out okay and, despite a period of struggle, kept the ties that bind him and his parents in tact. Clearly Glezman doesn’t believe Chasten deserves the same kind of happiness that he himself enjoys with his wife… just don’t call him a bigot.

However, he may be a liar for claiming his brother virtually made up the trials of his past for if he were telling the truth himself, he would have had support from others in his declaration that Chasten “Had it easy.”

Right Rhyan, you seem like the kind of guy who would have made your young gay brother’s life pleasant- and the fact that you’ve alienated him and refused to associate with him for years now doesn’t really make you the most reliable resource for information regarding Chasten or Pete. No one is stepping forward to substantiate your claims that Chasten has lied for political favor, not even your own Mom or Dad…

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Terry Glezman, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, and Sherri Glezman overcame initial struggles with their youngest sons sexuality and went on to share his special day with him.

In fact, Chasten’s Mom and Dad seem to be simply celebrating the prospects of their Sons political future even as their two older sons stew in their own self righteous, hyper religious rage, angrily brandishing their Trump bumper stickers and MAGA hats.

Hey Chasten, knowing you’ve had to deal with Brothers like this, I imagine no enemy you’ll meet on the pathway to the White House will ever shake your foundation. Thanks for telling your story, it is one we all need to hear.

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Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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