Cardi B Posts Transphobic Content On Social Media Then Denies It Was Her

Phaylen Fairchild
4 min readSep 16, 2018

Cardi B’s rise to international fame was swift. Such an abrupt thrust into the spotlight can tend to leave a sudden celebrity rather unprepared when it comes to adapting themselves to communicating to audiences of diverse supporters.

Rapper Cardi B is the perfect example of someone who was not ready to speak responsibly from the platform she has been given. While many of us appreciate artists remaining authentic instead of becoming manufactured products from the industry machine, sometimes they show us an ugly side of themselves that leaves fans disappointed. With respect to her demonstrated lack of social refinement- such as routinely courting controversy and getting into public, physical altercations with other celebrities while attending posh soirees- her bigoted rhetoric has reached a level that rivals even fellow artist Azealia Banks.

This weekend, the new mother took to her verified Facebook page to post an unexpected meme that blindsided all of her trans fans and their allies.

There was no context for the post which seemed entirely random, like a 3am Donald Trump tweet. Naturally, it upset many people while at the same time, fetched a lot of jokes at the expense of Transgender folks in the comments that ensued. The consequence of this? A further reminder that fans of Cardi B must be complicit in the occasional hurled insult- or red bottom shoe- at those who identify as transgender among them.

A little reprieve between the laughter reactions and transphobic slurs that peppered the responses were the few people who rebuked the post and came to the defense of the trans community and the use of such hateful language postured as a comedic meme. The backlash grew as the post was shared over a thousand times, and within hours, Cardi B took to twitter to announce that she didn’t post the status and claimed someone on her team has been in control of her verified page for over a year.

Phaylen Fairchild

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