As usual, what took me 5 hours to put together you said more beautifully and precisely than I could have in days. I have always had such tremendous respect for you and your vital voice in activism - and your perspective has enriched my own.

The further we float away from history, I live in fear that we will become detached from it. Today's generations absolutely MUST know the plight of those whose shoulders we stand on today, at their expense. They must know the devastation of AIDS on our community. They must know the political indifference to our safety and wellbeing for decades- and even now. Without knowing where they came from they can never understand where they are and they will be bound to suffer the consequences of that by letting history repeat itself; being lulled into a false security thinking rights were just theirs and handed to them without resistance. It infuriated me that this one man who, every single year, is further embedded as an authority on all things stonewall, literally glorified as an "LGBT freedom fighter" is using his platform to hurt some of those people he's being rewarded, lauded for helping. .. while undermining history to push a personal and dangerous agenda. I'm so grateful you spoke out. I hope enough people see your story so that next Pride, they think twice before putting Fred Sargeant on a platform.

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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