Anti-Gay Senator Chastises Lesbian Knifed in Brutal Home Attack

Phaylen Fairchild
10 min readDec 31, 2019

On November 14th, Tammie Willis, a teacher and LGBT activist, found an ominous note left on her vehicle as she left her local gym in her hometown of Soldotna, Alaska.

Dumb Ass Dyke,” the message scribbled in permanent marker began, “We don’t want your gay, libtard ass shit here (sic) so take it somewhere else before you get hurt!!!

Mrs. Willis initially disregarded the message, but later reported the incident to local police after showing it to her longtime wife who encouraged her to take the possibility of a real threat more seriously.

As she handed the note to the police, Willis told NPR Alaska, “He took a picture of the letter and told me that it was written by a coward and that cowards rarely follow up on their threats.”

Around 7am on the morning of November 22nd, while driving her typical route to work, Willis noticed a Truck parked alongside the road and a figure in the back bed. As she passed, a large object was hurled at her windshield, striking the passenger side.

She made her second report immediately upon arriving at Kenai Peninsula College, where she works as the Associate Director of Residence Life. The officer reassured her the events were not connected.

“His reasoning was that it was dark out and there’s no way that anyone would have known that was my truck if I was being targeted,” she said.

However, she was concerned that incidents may indeed connected. To avoid further potential issues, she changed most of her typical routines, including the time she left for work, the routes she drove and stopped going to the gym for her regular workouts.

Events came to a horrifying climax around the same time of morning on December 9th when the lights went out in the Willis household. As she investigated the outage, Willis walked through her garage door to see if neighbors were also without power when…

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