Anti-Gay Senator Chastises Lesbian Knifed in Brutal Home Attack

“Soldotna police handled the first 2 reports because they happened in town. They pretty much blew them off. The third incident happened in my home outside of town and is being handled by the (State) troopers.

Despite a neighbor seeing a truck leaving my home the morning of the assault, despite video surveillance, despite a knife being left behind…despite all this, nothing has moved forward.

It took the troopers a week to talk to my neighbors. Two weeks after the attack, the knife has not been sent to the lab nor have the troopers reviewed my neighbor’s video surveillance. They also haven't talked to Soldotna police about then other 2 incidents.

They are refusing to call it a hate crime despite the evidence and timeline of events. They are saying it is an isolated incident, and they cant corroborate the hate crime element without a suspect.”

“We have this weird situation,” Tarr began, “Where we don’t have a hate crime statute so the Troopers are correct in saying they are investigating an assault. If the case goes to trial a hate crime is an aggravator that can increase the sentence. There have been efforts in the past to pass a hate crime statute. However, what I wonder is couldn’t they say something like- while they are being investigated as separate incidents at this time, this individual has previously been the victim of two other crimes, and then describe them. Then that info would get to the community. That seems like a missing piece here. They aren’t giving the full story when reporting it as an assault. They do have to have evidence to link them, but seems like they could say they are investigating if the incidents are related. People need to know. She has a right to safety and so does everyone else.

Because there is a federal statute, hate crimes are reported in the uniform crime report. This story has more info. Perhaps it’s time for this conversation again about a state law.”

“I have personally learned enough about the ongoing investigation that I feel some of the comments I have read should be clarified.

Most importantly is that both sets of crimes are, in fact, being aggressively investigated by both departments. The Soldotna Police are taking the threatening note and the rock in the windshield very seriously (the two incidents within the city). The Troopers are also going over every detail on the physical attack as well (that occurred outside of Soldotna). They are collaborating with each other on the cases. The suggestion that either department is not investigating because the victim happens to have a particular sexual preference is ridiculous and unwarranted.

Law enforcement folks (on the Kenai in this example) risk their lives everyday for all of us humans..not more or less because we fall into a particular category. I frankly find the suggestion to be offensive, but either way I can assure you that it is “not a thing” in this case. I would like to know in the future if there is an actual example of people being ignored by law enforcement anywhere in Alaska, but it is not happening here.”

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright

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