Andrew Yang May Be the Foil of Front Runners in 2020

Phaylen Fairchild
6 min readSep 24, 2019

Here we go again.

Andrew Yang came on to the 2020 Presidential campaign trail as an unlikely prospect. Many believed the entrepreneur who boasts virtually no experience in the political arena would fall at the first hurdle, probably before anyone else.

He proved his detractors wrong, surpassing political veterans like former HUD Secretary Julian Castro and Senator Michael Bennett in the polls as he aggregated an enthusiastic base mostly comprised of anxious millennial who see the charismatic millionaire as the anti-Trump- the hero equivalent to Trump’s villain.

Also propelling Yang is his promise of a $1,000 universal basic income- an initiative where, as President, government would provide a stipend to every American in response to stagnate wages and the increased cost of living rendering this generation of adults the first to be financially incapable of providing themselves any means beyond basic survival. Whereas their parents and grandparents could afford a house, a car and raise a small family on a one income household, young adults today are living in co-op housing situations, paying thousands in college loans for degrees that just aren’t serving them in the workplace leaving them in economic turmoil before age 25. They can’t afford to get sick, get married, have children much less accrue a simple savings for unexpected emergencies, such as fixing a broken furnace, water heater or vehicle. Saving for retirement is out of the question.

People on the bottom wrung of the social ladder rarely see any financial benefit from Government movement; While politicians regularly run on the promise to lower taxes for blue collar workers, with incredible predictability, they either backtrack and instead provide tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans or immediately create another sink to take away whatever crumbs they’ve provided.

So, Andrew Yang is speaking directly to the needs of many willing to vote in protest of a government that has offered no relief from the economic shackles created for them by a ruling class.

It is exactly the same path forged famously in 2016 by Bernie Sanders, whose ideas at the time were labeled “radical” and “impractical” but are now on the agenda of every candidate running to replace…



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