American Family Association Pundit Makes Death Threat To Republican Senators

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“Confirm Kavanaugh or die.”

That was the warning delivered via Twitter by Bryan Fischer, the former Director Of Issues Analysis for the hyper-religious organisation American Family Association and current AFA Radio talk show host.

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The missive, directed toward Republican members of the House Judiciary committee that will decide whether or not to confirm embattled Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court next week, quickly went viral. It’s a terrifying but clear indicator of the political polarization plaguing America. Fischer, who is credited with the AFA being by the Southern Poverty Law center in 2005 due to wherein he, while serving in his capacity, declared gay people as “Deviants” who should be “locked up” and stated that “Homosexuality gave us Adolph Hitler, and homosexuals in the military gave us the Brown Shirts, the Nazi war machine and six million dead Jews.” He advocated for the founding of an “Underground railroad to kidnap children from gay parents.”

The Evangelist has asserted to his loyalists that “God is using ISIS to punish America for their tolerance of LGBT people. But, his hate spewing doesn’t stop there; he has routinely attacked Women, who he deems unfit for service in pubic office or the US military and referred to the Democratic National Convention as “Abortion-Palooza” and a “Three Day Death Camp.” He campaigned to his over 1 million listeners to brand former President Barack Obama a “Racist against whites” and “Muslim co-conspirator” on his talk radio program.

Fischer, a self professed Christian Warrior, has also made controversial, derogatory remarks regarding feminism, perpetuated his theory that “Causal relation between HIV and AIDS is a scheme concocted by scientists in order to get research grants,” and that the symptoms attributed to AIDS are actually caused by massive recreational drug use among gay men. Furthermore, he compared the late- and disgraced- Fox News Executive Roger Ailes to Jesus Christ. He said of Ailes, who had prior to his death in 2017; “ Ailes leadership style is exactly the style that Jesus taught.” He boasted, before citing Fox News’ “key to success in a capitalistic system is to do things Jesus’s way.”

Fischer is .

The American Family Association raked which it uses to support anti-LGBT, Anti-women conventions and platforms, such as newsletters, television and radio programs. Due to the restrictions of the Johnson Amendment, a provision in the U.S. tax code, since 1954, that prohibits all non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates, the AFA has been unable to directly contribute to political campaigns, but has, in fact, paid for and hosted rallies on behalf of those they endorse, as they did for Rick Perry in 2011.

However, , well aware the the nucleus of his base are radical evangelicals with large sums of money. Should he succeed, hate organizations like the American Family Association would be able to legally commit tens of millions of dollars to conservatives running for seats in future elections.

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