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Since losing the election to Joe Biden earlier this month, Donald Trump has slipped into a frightening, unstable frame of mind that has White House officials, even those closest to him, questioning his competence.

In a recent article by The Washington Post, they detail many of the bizarre behaviors exhibited by the outgoing President, including incoherent rambling and consoling himself by repeating aloud, “I won, I won, I won” as staffers attempt to console him by awkwardly feigning agreement with him, or flowering him with compliments. “Your fans love you.”

They will never love Biden like they love you.”

A Source close to the White house confirms much of the Washington Post article published on Saturday, comparing him to Mad King George.

There is no doubt, it is tremendously tense right now. And in pursuit of the elusive state of normalcy, he doesn’t have great people around him at the moment. Some of his advisors are not helping to soften the blow as much as they are helping him find ways to maintain his power and influence beyond the White House. One allegedly told him he had 70 million voters, he didn’t need to be President to be in control and he seemed really satisfied about that. We know this much to be true; His base will support him no matter what he does next.

A Trump loss was truly not something he expected. No one close to him did. When he says he is “Your all time favorite President” he isn’t just inflating himself… the results of the election demonstrate that. He might have lost but so many people love him that they came out in record numbers to vote for him. Behind Joe Biden, Trump has the distinction of receiving the second most votes any Presidential Candidate has ever had. That is indicative of the massive power he has over at least half the voting public. The President spends every day being fawned over by these people who tell him he’s their favorite, how grateful they are for him, how they love, adore him, he’s their idol. They hang pictures of him alongside their family photos on the walls of their living room. They spend hundreds upon hundreds on his merchandise. Maybe a little more than half find him reprehensible, but his numbers don’t lie, a nearly equal amount believe he is the greatest thing that has ever happened to them. That’s what his close allies are reminding him of daily as they attempt to offset his outrage. He might be leaving the white house, but he will not stop being their beacon. There will severe repercussions for the country with his enablers pacifying him in a way that will undoubtedly hamstring the Biden Administration for the entirety of their term.

Trump’s unique temperament and need for adoration is matched only by his insatiable desire for revenge. The President once famously invited a Barack Obama look-a-like to the White House where he performatively berated and belittled him for personal satisfaction, including shouting at him “You’re fired!” His tag line from his reality show The Apprentice. Many of his most vocal critics who once served in his own campaign were unceremoniously fired and then attacked in the President’s routine twitter tirades. Even some of his most loyal allies who disobeyed his orders by obeying the law found themselves with walking papers and a legion of attack dogs in the form of his base nipping their heels as the President eviscerated them on social media. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s former Attorney General, endured an onslaught of harsh public attacks after being fired. Former adviser, Omarosa Manigault Newman, met the same fate after being relieved of duties.

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Never before, however, has Trump wanted revenge more than he does now. While insiders have said that he has recently accepted his loss, albeit begrudgingly, his attention has shifted away from his disappointment over losing to leveraging the fealty of his followers to reject the results of the election; To utterly convince them it was stolen, rigged and that regardless of where he sleeps, he remains the rightful inhabitant of the White House. Whatever message he sends out to his followers, they will believe it and act accordingly on his behalf. He has amassed more than a simple celebrity fanbase, he has assembled a private Army.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Trump believes, he’s smart enough to know the real damage can be done by his base. As long as they believe, without question, that Donald Trump is the victim of some deep state conspiracy to throw the election to Biden, they will never accept him as a legitimate President. There will be chaos. The Presidency equates boundless power to President Trump. It’s the most famous he’s ever been. It’s the most power he’s ever wielded. He will not hand it over. The risk to him is too great.

Currently, Trump and his family are under investigation by multiple agencies, including the Southern District of New York. He is afraid that being relegated to the status of a Private Citizen who no longer boasts Presidential immunity will make him vulnerable to the accountability he once so boldly thumbed his nose at. Already, Trump has volleyed the idea back and forth with his team about pardoning himself to avoid post presidency prosecution.

What can we expect next?

He will not concede to Biden. He will never admit he lost fairly. He will keep being defiant and he will further provoke his base to become even more mobilized so he can fully immerse them in his own delusion alongside him, making them feel as if they’ve been victimized by proxy. He’ll make sure that they believe they have suffered an unfathomable, historic injustice. Trump has demonstrated over and over again that truths are irrelevant, he plays on emotions and he has no greater ally right now than the fiery rage of his supporters.

He will continue to file vexatious lawsuits- and lose- and that’s what he wants. Only with a series of losses as monumental as Trump has had and with the amount of money his supporters are pouring into his coffers, can he contest these rulings all the way to the Supreme Court.

And it is there that Trump believes he has the best chance of winning, as the three Judges he’s seated are not only Trump acolytes, but their appointments tipped the scales of justice toward extreme conservatism. Trump’s courtroom tour is just carving a pathway to the Supreme Court steps.

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