“Elephants are not Birds” is an unapologetic rebuke of transgender acceptance!” Says author Ashley St. Clair.

The Conservative Author and avid Trump Supporter’s newly published children’s book pushes a nefarious and cruel anti trans agenda onto kids, inundating them with transphobic propaganda.

You may not have heard the name Larry Storch before, but you’d know his face- and voice- everywhere.

The 98 year old veteran actor boasts almost 250 iconic television credits such as The Love Boat, Car 54 Where Are You, All in The Family, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream Of Jeannie and Love, American Style to name a few, recently made his debut on TikTok where, as he puts it, he celebrates “…Surviving 2 world wars, the Great Depression, 80 years in showbusiness and covid-19!”

Not many famous people have publicly transitioned, but those who have tend to give the world a very skewered impression of the weight of transitioning.

Although the public had speculated for years that Caitlyn Jenner was transgender, voyeurs of the athlete cum reality show star didn’t have any confirmation until, in 2015, she burst onto the scene like a theater star from behind a velvet curtain for an encore applause, appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, the picture of femininity and softness, wrapped in a satin corset, her long, luscious brown locks draped over her bare shoulder. …

Trigger warning: This Article discusses issues such as physical assault, domestic abuse and rape. Reader discretion is advised.

Transgender women are disproportionately impacted by instances of intimate partner domestic abuse, but the statistics are likely far higher, as the majority of victims never report.

Studies across two nations, the UK and US, both report that violence against transgender women by an intimate partner show that a staggering 50% - 1 in every 2- experience domestic abuse in their lifetimes. However, more concerning is that most never report events of their abuse or their abuser.

Another study by the Gender Law…

Last week, a video recorded by Instagram user “cubanaangel” showed herself angrily approaching the counter of a popular, LGBTQ inclusive spa and angrily alleging that a man had come into the women’s area, disrobed and “Was naked expo(s)ing his testicles and penis slinging it left to right in front of young girls, teens and grown women.”

Ordinarily, this would be a pretty heinous violation that should require police intervention and the immediate removal of the perpetrator. There is no situation where any person, man or woman, has the right to provocatively thrust their genitalia around and behave in a sexually…

Is that a gay man? Is that a trans woman? Is that a trans man?

From source

It didn’t seem to matter to users of Instagram who descended upon the profile of legendary Italian designer Valentino after a photo was posted of model Michael Bailey Gates tastefully nude, holding a luxury handbag.

The photo racked up nearly 9,000 comments within 24 hours, mostly from people expressing staunch disapproval, threatening to unfollow or posting emoji’s of vomiting. “Sick of this gender confusion crap!” said one user. “Stop poisoning our children with the new generation with these horrendous thoughts and campaigns that go against nature. BIG UNFOLLOW!” said another. …

Gloria Hemingway

Gloria Hemingway’s story, for many transgender people, is all too familiar.

Born in 1931, the youngest Daughter of famed author Ernest Hemingway remained locked in a lifelong battle of rejection, abandonment and consequentially became mired by alcoholism to cope with the extreme mental anguish she suffered. Her story is a tragedy, to be certain, and although she died alone in a jail cell back in 2001, what little media coverage she was offered in both life and death is rife with dead-naming, misgendering and headlines produced solely to induce shock.

But during her life, Gloria sought only peace where none…

You may not have heard of Sarah O’Connell before, but she’s without question one of the hardest working, self made talk show hosts and presenters on YouTube.

Via her YouTube channel, O’Connell, a London native, has interviewed some the biggest names in the entertainment industry as one of the first openly transgender women to host her own chat show. …

Too many people still believe racism must be as blatant as hurling the N-Word to be considered an act of racism.

The fact is, racism is far more nuanced and often entrenched in an individuals deeply seated comfort with their own inherited privilege and experiences via their whiteness. For centuries, white people have been conditioned in every area of their lives to expect their own race to be a non-issue; An aspect of their identity that has never and will never factor into their journey through life. There evolved an engrained acceptance among their own, whether conscious or not, that…

It wasn’t long after I began dating Jack that he disappeared one evening into the bathroom and emerged in lingerie.

He stood before me proudly, a crooked grin across his face as I stared at him speechless. It took me by surprise, to say the least, to see him doused in pink colored lace and satin when it contradicted everything he had represented himself as throughout the short period we dated.

I believe strongly in acceptance; Of breaking the construct of gender rules and living fearlessly, but I also believe in honesty and full disclosure when embarking on a shared…

Phaylen Fairchild

Actor, Filmmaker, LGBTQ+ & Women’s Rights Activist All work copyright phaylens@gmail.com https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

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